A Chapter Ends

It has been a year today since my last blog post, if it was not apparent the site has fallen from the place it once was. I have, in my mind, ran though what I wanted to say for this post more times then perhaps I even am willing to admit to myself. But alas, no matter what nothing fits effortless.

There is no easy way to say this, nor any reason to drag things out any longer than necessary- as of now Winx 4 Life is officially closed. 

For anyone whom longed for the day I would re-boot this web-site I am sorry. But I just no longer have it in my to write about Winx as I once did. The magic- it is just gone. Vanished without a trace.

If I was able to go back and do everything over again, I would hands down. I have learn so much, grown, discovered things and most importantly been able to meet some amazing people who I am so lucky to count as my friends. So thank-you, Angie, Lulu- both of you are amazing and I am honored we where not only able to run this site but become friends. To all my other friends and fellow bloggers thank-you as well, and of course, thank-you to all who have read, commented and followed.
It means a lot.

Even though I am offically marking a end, I will still be here. And I will never forget any of this.

Not a good-bye,


Season Six Trailer Brake-Down


It is official Winxies, season six is upon us. Previously news broke that season six would be flying to our televisions at the end of September, now with the official trailer released via YouTube, it appears that information may very well be valid.

Now that we have our first look at season six, let us break it down. :)

  • Fairy-tale theme: Several times in during Bloom's narration she brings up"fairy-tale" , "not all fairy-tales have happy endings". Perhaps forshadowing?

  • New villain: After Bloom finished her narration, the scene changes and we seen a un-fimilar face, of what appears to be our new villain of the season. Who is she, what is her story and what goals does she have?

  • A Story-book?: During the new villain's first scene, a lot of focus is on a storybook, but why, what is so important about it? Time will tell. 

  • Their Backkkk: The Trix that is, and this time they have another new power-up. 

Yes, Stella, they are back.

  • Guys in Red: More new characters!

  • Couple Moments: Self-explanatory. Oh, and the guys have new outfits!

  •  Winx Style: You did not expect the Winx to ware last season's attire, did you? Looks like they have a new main look- uniforms? Huh? But I can already see Griselda happy dancing somewhere..

  • Magic fail: Stella and nature magic never seem to mix. Poor Flora.
  • Storybook Monsters: Huntik-esque?
  • Kim Possible Moment: First though, looks like some major battles are in the future. 
  • Bloom in New Transformation: Our first look at _ix!
  • "We're the Winx!": Wait, is Daphne in the club now?
  • Check rest of the Winx in their new transformations!: We get to see the entire club's new transformation!

  • Dance time: 

  • Another transformation?: Looks like the WInx will have two this season, and the CGI will return.

What are your thoughts on the trailer, what do you think will happen in season six?

Winx 6 - Trailer