Winx Club: Enchantix Vol. 1 arrives on iTunes.


Winx Club season three is now only one week away from airing and looks like Nick and iTunes are on the ball as you can now get a season pass for $18.

Happy Hallowinx!

Hi everyone, Happy Halloween or if you prefer Happy Hallowinx!

Winx Specials: Canon or Not?

The Winx Club one-hour specials recaping the first two seasons are now in the past and we are now only a few days away from daily airings of season three followed by four.

But as we all noticed, the specials did change a few things. Aisha is now the fairy of the waves,  the first fairy form is now Charmix . And the list goes on.

Now that Nick is the only English dub, odds are we will see these changes come up in seasons three and four as well as the upcoming season five.
But do you consider these changes canon, if not why?  What about the dub its self? What is canon in your option?

Unitix; A Winx Club Collab from the Winx 4 Life Team! *Updated*

Well, we've gotten back to writing Ella's, Stellabigfan's and my collaboration fan fiction, Unitix!  To see the latest three chapters, click here! :D

Finding out you're a faerie is hard enough for teens Angie, Ella and Alexis, but when they find out they have extremely powerful magic locked within them, the Fellowship of the Phoenix will stop at nothing to destroy them.

Winx Fairies Cast Interview

Winx Club:Season 3 Official Trailer! November 7th! 3/2c! HD!


A new VA and Possible Season 5 Episode Titles *UPDATED* AGAIN

It's getting closer and closer each day Winx fans till the brand new season five hits the air waves, and new news has been discovered. Thanks for BelieveInWinx.

Winx's Imdb page has been edited and now features what very well could be episode titles we will see in season 5.

Season 5, Episode 7: The Magical Union (note it seems like Nabu will be appering in this, seeing as Will is marked under cast. Quite a few for this season so far also do so.)

Season 5, Episode 16: The Sun Shines Again

Season 5, Episode 18:The Selkies Devouer

Also based on this information, Peter Emshwiller will be voicing Sky's father; King Erendor and a Pillar Sea Creature. 

*UPDATE* Please note none of this has been confirmed, so this is officially season five rumors

*UPDATE 2* It has been confirmed by Molly Quinn on her official facebook page that episode 18's title is correct. It had even been recorded on Wednesday!

The Shadow Phoenix on now

It's up, so if you haven't seen it yet or want to re watch it you can. What are your thoughts on the final special?

Winx Club Season 3 Trailer


Final Winx Club special The Shadow Phoenix on in less than ten minutes

Long at last the final Winx special is here. In less then ten minutes it begins, so be sure to tune in east coast fans! And be sure to share your thoughts on it :D

Winx Club:The Shadow Phoenix: New Trailer and Clip


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Check out the pictures from "The Shadow Phoenix"

It's that time again Winx fans, this Sunday the final special airs! And is gearing up for it with new photos and two clips! Here are the photos, what are you looking forward to seeing?

"The Shadow Phoenix" Time Change

Winx Club: "The Shadow Phoenix" has received a time change. Originally it was set to air at the 12/1c time slot, now it will air at 11/10c.

So be sure to set your DVRs or what have yous and tune in.

Andy's VA!

Credit to BelieveInWinx for finding this. We now know who will be voicing Bloom's ex, Andy; Justin Prentice. Justin has been on two other Nick shows, Victorious and iCarly.

The source, his IMDb page.

Winx Club:Season 5 | New & Exclusive Trailer! | Preview Clips! HD!

It's here, our first full look at the brand new season of Winx!!

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What do you think?