Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone!

Wow, who ever knew that we (the Winx) are so popular on Earth? It's truly amazing! And so is this site, wow Angela the new layout is truly magical!
The girls and I are so excited to join the Winx 4 Life team! When Ella came to us with this idea there was no way we could say no. So far Musa, Flora (wow there are 2 Floras here, I hope they don't get mistaken for another!) Roxy and I have joined the site! Don't worry Bloom, Layla and Tecna will be joining us soon! Bloom is helping out back on Domino, Layla is helping finishing rebuilding some of her realm Andros (they are almost done , they have been working on it since Valtor was defeated. He sure did a number on that realm!)and Tecna is busy helping Headmistress Faragonda with some new program that will help Alfea; with something ( I really didn't listen to what she was saying, sorry but I was trying to call Brandon). Oh and speaking of Brandon, I some how managed to get him to help us out too! Now him along with the other girls are trying to get rest of the specialist to join Letters To Winx! Hopefully it will work! We will all try to post as much as we can with teaching classes, helping Roxy with her magic, saving the magical dimension from time to time and everything else! So be sure to email us lots of letters, we all can't wait for August 8th! So send in your emails! Like Ella said, we will keep your name or username unposted.
See you all soon!

Winx Dolls


Here are some Winx Dolls from the internet.Aren't they adorable?There are newer ones but they aren't as cute,in my opinion :)

New Bloom and Sky Wallpaper!


Looks like the official site has decided to make new wallpapers for the couples. But will there be a Layla and Nabu one and will Roxy be included? That we will have to wait and see! And why are they in their season 2/3 outfits rather than something from season 4?

New,New Magical Adventure Poster!

We have yet another new movie poster for Magical Adventure. Even thought it looks just like the last one it has Stella, Flora and Layla(?!) flying with Bloom and Sky. How many more movie posters are we going to get? This make what 5, anywho they are really getting everyone excited for the movie. When will Oct. 29th get here??

Even More Magical Adventure Images

Looks like the Winx are really in for well a magical adventure!
Now I REALLY can't wait for it to open! What about you?

Happy Birthday Flora and Happy Late Birthday stellabigfan!

New Winx Game: Winx Adventure

In this whole new adventure game, titled Winx Adventure you will get to make many, many new friends, explore the heart of Gardenia city, meet your favourite Winx Characters, dress up in beautiful clothes, decorate your own personal room, play exciting games to earn fantastic rewards... and more!

Experience the thrill of interacting with your friends, the Winx Fairies, Specialists, and even the teachers like you have never done before!

I know I'm excited! I have already signed up. If you are woundering my username is Winxmusic! Hope to see you all there soon!

Winx's Latest Magazine


This pic I also found on ebay is the latest issue of Winx magazine.Please nicely correct me if I'm wrong :)

What I found

About three days ago,I was wondering around a Dollar Tree and spotted a cardboard box filled with unopened Winx Club magazine 3s!!The Boys from Red Fountain!!How cool!And it came with trading cards!This pic is from ebay.

Are You Ready For Letters To Winx?

In 12 days our new interactive feature Letters To Winx will be officially opened. And the Winx are getting excited, they are even becoming part of our team! But in order to get ready for the event, the Winx have asked us if we could get them some letters before hand so they can post some of them on Aug. 8th. So send in your questions about fashion, romance, friendship, music, sports, magic, animals, plants and flowers, technology, and many more subjects. The Winx also wanted me to add that we will not post who sent the letter in, for privacy. So your name or user name will not be posted. So email your questions to winx4life.blog@gmail.com (I'm not the only one with the password to it, I gave it to the Winx too!)

Letters to Winx

Who's excited for Letters to Winx?Please comment on who your favorite is!

Vote for Angela!

On Winx-Fairies, Pheobe has a new poll for the 5 finalists in the Winx Character contest, and Angela is a finalist! Please everyone vote for her.



Hello everyone!I would just like to wish anyone who's birthday is coming up soon or past a happy birthday!My birthday is tomorrow!!And if one of your family members or friends birthdays are coming up,happy birthday to them too!Who's excited for school?Or are any of you homeschooled?

Happy Birthday Kaila!

Happy Birthday Kaila! From everyone here at Winx 4 Life!

Winx 4 Life's new look

Thanks to Angela, we have a new look! Isn't it great? Tell us what you think. Thank you, Angela!

Meet The New Team Members!

As you all know we here at Winx 4 Life where looking for new team members. Thank you to all who applied to become part of the team, but after a team chat the entire Winx 4 Life team came to a decision. If you didn't become a member of the team this time, we may do this again, when? That is unknown at the moment.
Now please welcome Brandon, Flora and Victoria! Be sure to check your email soon, you will be receiving an email, and welcome to the team!

New, Winx 4 Life Chat!

Winx 4 Life now has it's own chat box! Now Winx fans can chat to each other,however there are some rules.

1- The Golden Rule,I know we all know this but remember that there are other people behind the computer,so be nice.

2- No cursing

3- Keep everything G or PG.Don't post things that shouldn't be posted. E.x adult content.

4- Be yourself. Don't pretending to be someone your not. Because it is so much better to just be yourself!

Winx 4 Life's New Look

As you may have notice Winx 4 Life is looking a little diffrent that how it was. Well thanks to Angela, we now have a new look for the site; Love and Pet themed! We are still working on a few more things for the site, but everything will hopefully be ready by the 8th our 3 mouth anniversary! What better way to celebrate the first 3 mouths. So once again thank you Angela!
What do you think of Winx 4 Life's new look?

ROXY 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I found this picture on the web, and the minute i saw it i just had to post it (Click the picture for better view). This picture shows Layla, Bloom, Flora, Tecna, Musa and ROXY in 3D! (But unfortunately Stella isn't there). This could mean Roxy is in the second movie!


Letters To Winx - *Coming soon*

We've had some ideas lately, and we think we should add a new "Letters To Winx". You can ask Stella, Bloom, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla, and Roxy anything but only certain people will answer depending on the question. I can't wait to have it added and i'm sure you all do too.


Winx 4 Life Is Looking For Some New Team Members!

Hay everyone Ella here!
Because my fellow team members along with myself are very busy, we have decided that we are going to add some new team members to the Winx 4 Life family! So if you want to join our team send us an email at winx4life.blog@gmail.com with the fallowing.
Why you love Winx:
Why you want to join the Winx 4 Life team:

So email us today!

New 3D Movie Images + New Dolls!

Check out these new images of the new movie!  They're leaving me speechless - I mean WOW!  The scenery is absolutely gorgeous - and a huge improvement from the last movie! (Click to view full size!)
Added to this, images of the Winx Club movie dolls have been released.  Sky looks really weird - but the new Princess dolls look stunning! LOVE the new gowns! (Once again, click to view full size.)

130 Reasons We Love Winx Day 12 - Angela

Hey guys!  I am back from camp - and well.... I have been for a several days - but have been crazy busy....  So,  here is another reason I love Winx!
Reason #12: The Animals
I love the fact that Winx Club has so many adorable animals (especially in season 4!).  I think pets make shows - and real life just that much more fun. 

My computer broke -Sorry

Hey everyone, i'm sorry i've been gone. You see, my computer broke, and now it's FINALLY fixed.

New Winx Magical Adventure Poster


Now I'm really starting to get excited for the movie!

More Fairies!

Hi Guys. Sorry for not posting. If Ella does not post. Please leave a comment. I also know it is Non-WinX related. I want to post this because it is about fairies. It is about Ripple Star ( A planet from Nintedo that features Fairies ). Here is the screenshot of the planet:
Read Everything about it!
" Ripple Star is a planet from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It is Ribbon's home and only other star to Pop Star that has seriously suffered by Dark Matter's infection. It is a star home to the fairies, and is heart-shaped. Ripple Star is the 6th level in Kirby 64. It comes after Shiver Star, and before Dark Star.

When Ripple Star is first seen, it is severely corrupted by Dark Matter. However, after Dark Star is created, it is shown on the map screen as cleared of Dark Matter.

The boss of Ripple Star is Miracle Matter, posing as the "final boss", if the player hasn't collected all of the Crystal Shards yet. Once the player collects all of the crystal shards and defeat Miracle Matter again, they can access the final level, where the true final boss is fought, Zero Two. Once Zero Two is defeated, the Dark Matter withdraws itself from Ripple Star and explodes in the distance. "

( I know it is pretty long. Sorry. If I did a mistake. )

Here are a few pictures of the fairies!

 The Blonde fairy looks exactly like Stella! How many simmilarities can you find? And does the blue-haired Fairy resemble Dawn from Pokemon? Hmmm.... And the one with green hair resembles Lucy!

A few more things, below is Ribbon and her " Size " Glitch and the introduction to Queen Fairy.

This is Ribbon, she is a hero. Since she is named after Ribbon, that is becuase of the ribbon on her head. She might like the color red. Her hair is that of a hotpink messy,shaggy hair.

 Meet Queen Fairy. She is the Queen of Ripple Star. I don't know about her much. But I know she's a little clumsy.

Here is a Glitch. I know there is a second one. But I think I might post it tommorow. It is Ribbon's height. She is extremeley tiny. And a little too weak to carry Kirby ( Not a fairy but this puffball's bio will be posted by me soon. ). But look! She is so Strong to carry Kirby. Also I will put another Glitch I'll call it " Ribbon's Gown ".

Note: On the Picture the guy thier fighting is NOT a fairy. A MONSTER REVIVED!

130 reasons We Love Winx day #11 Light's Camera WinX!

The WinX balanced everything. ( And got a good rating. ) This was the time I like WinX. Fairly OddParents is such to perfect for me. For they repeat jokes. But I like Wanda and Poof ( Cutness and Smartness is what you need to be perfect for a girl like me ). I mean, Butch Hartman put a lot of work on it. The Artwork, the voices that work, the Jokes, and the Personality. But Each of those? It did not contained some girly stuff. They did have girls. But it is overall too boyish and comedic. Kirby 64 ( Which is video game ) did actually work. The Fairies were humanoids. But have good outfits which match personality ( For Ribbon she wore a ribbon on her head and somewhat a mix of a polo,suit, and tunic. ) It is pretty frilly and looked alot girly. Ignio Straffi and the creator the Kirby franchise did not care if it is girly or not. They care for the ratings. They did not stoped running the entier franchises. And gone pretty popular. They just try to balance the boys stuff and girl stuff! I want a franchise in that way. Which is something to be popular among the people. Even bullies make fun of the two good franchises. They just make sure to make an episode or a game to teach them a lesson. They love it with a lot of fans. Kirby Franchise might be a bit hard to connect people. Somewhat rivals in the beggining to be friends. Kirby franchise was sorta funny because they gave Zero Two a cactus for a but and have sorta some " Walk on Lava " joke ( Which is from the video . For Winx my critique for the Artwork is games )

" Fascinating, Beatiful, and Enchanting. The animation is smooth and enbodies it as a whole. "

While in Kirby franchise. I like the music I properly say:

" The song is light and lively. Setting moods for each level. "

I optionally like franchises when every work they put in. From the Artworks to the Music. The theme should be enchanting. Full of good animation, funny scenes, dramatic ones, and the best of all.... the action. Kirby and Winx franchises were so popular it could teach people a lesson.

Hi! Kaila here!

H-aaaa-i ( Not a typo I like to spell " Hi" in that way )!!  I am Kaila! ( Also known as Princesska28 ) I am new here. I am formerly new friends with Ella. My Age is 7 ( Don't remove me ) And I'm a friend of Angela. I really love using Paint alot. Here are my franchise ranks:
  1. Kirby of The Stars
  2. WinX Club ( I typed that way because of the butterfly thingy )
  3. Pokemon
I'm new here. And probably like WinX. There is no matter I am a die-hard Kirby fan. I LOVE FAIRIES!

Sorry Everyone

Hay Ella here.
I wanted to say sorry about not posting much for a while, things where crazy. It's a long, stressful story that I really don't want to relive,but I am happy to report that I have been able to get things back in order. So I am back full time now and back to updating my stories as I typically do. And I will be making up the post that I had missed as soon as I can. So thank you all for being amazing and waiting! There is more to come, so keep coming back for more Winx news!
Thanks a million

On Hiatus!

Hey guys, just giving you a heads up - I am going to be gone at camp from tomorrow until next week (probably Monday-ish).  Since I am going to camp, I will not be able to reply to any emails, comments, Facebook, Youtube etc.... or update my site/blogs.  I will miss you all!!  Talk to you soon!  :)