Will "Winx Club: The next big adventure" be the last film?

Credit to BelieveInWinx and TV Blog

Here is the article, which has been translated.

I think this is true, but I look forward to an post from Rainbow. But 'Winx- the next big adventure', seems a little...generic and Rainbow has been over using the word "adventure" a little too much lately, then again the title can change.

So, what do you think of Winx; the next big adventure?

Winx Club Party, New App


Credit to BelieveInWinx

Winx Club Offical Fanzine Issue #10

The newest Holiday themed issue of the Winx Club English Fanzine has finally been released!

The fanzine is currently looking for new team members, if you are interested be sure to check out their blog^^

Another time change for our favorite fairies and co.?

This just in Winx fans, according to nickandmore.com Winx has received yet another time change from their previous 3/2c time to a 2/1c. Here is the tweet.

What do you think of the newets time change?

Roxy in season 5- Confimed

Today Winx fans we have evidence Roxy is indeed the seventh Winx! What do you think of this?

Iginio Straffi sobre la 5°Temporada