Unitix; A Winx Club Collab from the Winx 4 Life Team!

Well, Ella, Stellabigfan and I have begun our exciting collab fan fiction, and can now be found on Fan Fiction.Net!  Please be sure to have a look! Enjoy!! :D

New Winx Season 5 Infomation

As seen on BelieveInWinx

We now know, that they will be recording in groups for season 5. But they are working on the brand new season, which is set to air in the February of 2012 (Yay!). Sadly, it does not seem they will be going to Comic-Con...at least not this year. Hopfully next! 

Who do you think is also voicing in the Winx, and what do you want to see in season 5 of the Winx?

Get To Know Our New Voice Actor- Romi!

Happy final days of May everyone, which not only means for some of us, school is out. But it also means that June 27th isn't that far away! So be sure to get your DVRs ready for the Winx!

A few days ago we here at Winx 4 Life got interesting email from winx fan  Michelle aka 'May', who use to run Winx Club World RPG forum

"... I had done a general interview with Romi Dames before she was named the voice actress for Musa. I thought you would be interested in seeing it :) I thought all the Winx fans would like to get to know her better :)" 

I checked it out and is really cool, so here it is! And a huge thanks to Michelle for sharing with us!

Romi Dames From Hannah Montana

Meet Romi Dames or maybe if we referred to her as ‘Traci Van Horn’ you’d recognise her instantly! Romi plays Traci in Hannah Montana – which kid or tween doesn’t watch the show? So, I decided to question her about her snobby character and her trademark nasal voice.

How did you get into acting and what was your first role like – were you nervous?
My very first performance was in a community theatre production of the musical “Annie”. I played Molly, one of the orphan girls. I don’t remember if I was nervous or not, I just remember the feeling of being in the spotlight and owning it – one of the best feelings in the world. I do get nervous even now, though, before I go on-stage or before a photoshoot. Performing is so personal, you’re putting a part of yourself out there in the world, and you don’t know how it will be received. The nerves add to the performance high, so it’s not something you ever really want to be rid of. It’s part of the fun.

Had you always wanted to pursue a career in acting? If not, what had you envisioned your self doing?
This is pretty much all I’ve ever wanted to do….although there were a few years between the ages of five and eight where I entertained the idea of becoming a ballerina.

How did you land the role as snobby socialite, Traci Van Horn on Hannah Montana?
My agent called the casting directors and talked them into giving me an audition. Fortunately for me, it went well.

What was it like portraying Traci’s character – was it difficult?
I love Traci, she’s a blast to play. She’s unbelievably selfish and wants her world to be filled with celebrities and bling. The writers did an incredible job with the character – every time I got a script, I would play the scenes out in my head and just sit there cracking up.

The main question everyone ponders, your voice! How do you put on that nasal voice – was it a requirement when landing the role?
The voice wasn’t in the script, it was something I brought to the table myself. I naturally come across very happy and bubbly, so I came up with the voice to combat that and bring a little extra bit of “snottiness” to the character. The first episode I was on, I was originally only supposed to be in two scenes. The writers really liked my voice and felt the need to explain it, which garnered me more air-time. By the end of the week, I was a pretty major guest star in the episode. Then they kept bringing me back, season after season, which was just an actor’s dream come true.

Since Hannah Montana what have you been up to? (Your work on Phineas and Ferb, Child P.O.W and other projects)
I’ve done multiple voices on four episodes of “Phineas and Ferb”, and also a few voices on “Kick Buttowski”. I’m gearing up to shoot a movie called “Child P.O.W.” which is based on a true story that took place during World War II.

You sing as well, tell me more about that. Where can we hear your songs?
I have a Christmas song that I wrote with a couple of friends called, “Christmas List of Excuses”. It’s about a girl who wants Santa to know that she’s not bad, just “misunderstood”. It’s on iTunes. My goal was to be a one-hit wonder and live off the royalties for life…didn’t quite work out, though. [smiles]

What is your involvement with the StarLight Children’s foundation?
I’m a StarPower Ambassador, and I chat with kids online and also go to events to help fundraise for the foundation. It’s a great organization, their mission is to help kids who have life threatening illnesses learn to cope. They also try and bring cheer to the kids and their families with fun events and activities.

Have you had any funny or crazy fan moments?
I was at Knott’s Berry Farm with some friends, and a girl in line recognized me. She very collectedly asked me, “Hey, do you play Traci on ‘Hannah Montana’?”. I said, “Yes, I do.” Suddenly, two inches from my nose, she let out an ear piercing scream…and then went back to acting normal again. I think she thought the ear-splitting shriek was protocol when meeting an actor.

What is a typical day like for you?
Every single day is completely different, which is what I love about being an actor. I’ve been doing a ton of charity and red carpet events lately, which keep me really busy. And then there’s this thing called gift suites, which is like trick or treating for celebrities. They take you to a huge warehouse and give you a bag to take around to different booths where they give you gifts like lotions, clothing, accessories, etc. It’s pretty awesome.

I absolutely adore Kristin Chenoweth. I became a huge fan after “Pushing Daisies”. She’s just incredibly talented – she’s an opera trained singer, a hilarious comedic actress, and she even makes time to tweet to her fans. I would just love to work with her some day.

How would you describe yourself?
Happy, bubbly, and a little ditzy at times. I’ve been compared to Elle Woods on more than one occasion.

What are two things people would be surprised to know about you?
I’m a huge fan of fantasy movies (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings) and I can’t pronounce the word ‘styrofoam’.

A message to your fans?
Add me on www.facebook.com/romidames and www.twitter.com/TheRomiDames !

New Winx Promo Poster

Credit to BelieveInWinx for the poster. All I have to say is, the magic is back!

Musa VA!!!

Romi Dames will VA Musa in the Winx! She just posted about it via twitter, and like she even looks like Musa! I wounder who is next.....

Ariana's Role In Winx Confirmed!!!


Ariana finally announced her role in Winx, she will not be Roxy or Tecna. Be sure to follow her on twitter!! I am glad to hear all the VAs love the Winx!

So we only have two Winx girls' voice actors known, any guess to who will join the club next?

Signs of Winx!

Two links to the Winx Club trailer!!  (And I didn't see these when it came out, so I'm assuming they're new.)  Winx is already becoming a huge topic on Twitter - so it looks to me like it's gonna be big! 

Winx Club Nick Premier Trailer! New Voices & Animation!

Here it is Winx fans, the official trailer. Thanks to the Winx YouTube star BanjoGate for the upload!!!

Winx Gets Page on Nick's Site AND OFFICAL TRAILER!

Thanks to nickandmore.com for posting about this!

Winx now has a official page on Nick!


So be sure to check it out :D So what do you think of the trailer?

Winx Club Gets Victorious!

Credit to OP and Tabby for finding this out first!

We now know the newest Winx Club VA, Ariana Grande. One of the characters on Nick's show Victorious, where she plays the role of Cat.

But as you will notice, unlike with Molly, Keke, and Josh. Ariana hasn't said who she is voicing. In this case I agree with
The Oblivious Prattler, neither she will be VAing Roxy, or Tecna. Personally, I am leaning towards Roxy.

If you haven't hear her before, be sure to play this video call "Cat Valentine's Funny Moments | Victorious" by YouTube user xhomecutie

It also seems like my theory, that Nick will have some of their stars in the Winx is proving true, now that half of the known VAs are from Nick. But one thing is for sure, welcome to the club Ariana!

What do you think about Ariana voicing, who does she sound like the most to you? And who do you want or don't want to see join the club?

"Season 5 Screenshots" Mystery finally cleared up!


So, remember those "screenshots" that were all over the internet not too long ago, that had everyone wondering whether or not they were somehow from Season 5?  Well, turns out - they are definitely NOT from Season 5 - but are apparently from a Russian VIDEO GAME! That makes loads more sense... XD
Weird.  When they transform into their Believix, at least a couple of the Winx girls' pictures are fanart by Qba016.
Anyway, here are the other videos.

Haha, random floating cake.  I must say, Bloom looked a little terrified.

 I must say, that drawing style is really starting to grow on me - what do you guys think?

Thanks to Winx Club 4 Ever for finding this. ^^

Happy Friendaversary Ella!!!

Happy Friendaversary Ella!!  Hard to believe it's been an entire year since I asked if I could help you with your blog.  It's been a great year though, and I'm so glad I met you!  You're a great friend. 

Enjoy the gift! :D

Contest Details

At request of Kikurukina Bal Des'Cagel, I have written up our judging criteria - and I hope this will help make things more fair. :) 


JUDGING CRITERIA (how we plan to judge your pieces)

1. Outfit: Considering this is kind of a fashion contest, the outfit you design will be counted high - so be sure to make it original and fun.
2. Pose: Bases ARE allowed (just be sure to credit the person you are using them from), but creating your own well-proportioned pose will count you higher in the contest.
3. Age: We ask that you please send in your age, or (if you're not comfortable with that) your age group. (5-7), (8-12), (13-16), (17+).  You will be judged based on the talent you have for your age.
4. Media: Whether you do traditional or digital art, you will be judged in the same way.  Digital art does not get you higher unless it is well done, same with the traditional style.
5. Detail: Shading, shine and shadow will be taken note of as well - and if done well, will count you higher.

And if you missed the memo, this is the contest:

And, here are the prizes:



(And yes, they do come with two bracelets and a pack of trading cards.  I didn't really want to take an extra picture of the back.)

Happy Birthday Winx 4 Life

Hey everyone! Happy Day of the Rose, and Happy First Birthday to Winx 4 Life! Mamma Mia, this year has gone by oh so fast! And it has been such a huge year for not only the Winx, but the site! What better way to celebrate but with a few out of this realm surprises! We have five big things to share, so lets go!

-The Tag Line
Most likely you all have noticed the site isn't Winx 4 Life anymore, rather Winx 4 Life: Believix In You. Winx 4 Life now has it's own tag line, after all being a Winx is all about beliveing in yourself, and your dreams! So Winx 4 Life is now  Winx 4 Life: Believix In You!

-The Chat box
I know this has caused some trouble for a few of us, but the chatbox is now at the bottom of the web site, it was hard to fit it on the side like before, so now it is located at the bottom. And it is much bigger!

-The Layout
On top of noticing the tag line, you also may have seen that we also have a new layout! A Rainy Day themed one, but none other than Angela! Even though Summer is well on it's way, we still get rainy days, and the Winx certinally brighten up the day! But not only does the new layout look amazing, but it goes with our next exciting thing.

-A Brand New Contest!
I know in the past we haven't had the best luck with contest, but we decided to give it another go. However; if we don't have at least 4 entries, the contest is off. Here is what you need to know!!

-Last, But No Way Least
Okay, for our final suprise, we have saved the very best for last. As you all we recall at the end of March, Molly Quinn announced that she was voicing Bloom, and linked to us! After Angie, stellabigfan and myself talked it over, we decided to ask Molly if she would be as kind as to do an interview for the site. And she said yes!

And this Wednesday, (May 4th), I was able to interview Molly! And yes, she is as nice as you think, if not nicer! So to see the entire interview, click out new "Interviews" page! A HUGE thanks to both Molly and her manger for letting us interview her! Which we will be posting the questions through out the week!

Also, we have added a new page for the voice over actors and the product page has been added to.

And of course, I would like to thank all of you. The rest of the Winx 4 Life team; Angela, and stellabigfan. Where would this site be without you two, and man do I owe you guys. And also a huge thanks to all of you who come here, we have reached over 82,000 hits, over 950 "likes" on facebook and so on. All I can really say is thank you. Never did I think this site would make it past a few months, but here we are today. We may not be the biggest Winx site, or the best, but we are doing very well.

Winx 4 Life has had a great year, and it has many more to come as Winx keeps to growing. So, now we would like to ask, what do you like about Winx 4 Life, what keeps you coming back? What don't you like? What would you like to see, and what would you like to see changed?

Here are the amazing gifts :D All of which will be added to the "Gifts" page.

From BelieveInWinx

Rainbow Magicland

O_O This looks amazing.  I don't know about you guys, but I would much rather go here than Disney World. :D I recommend watching in full size, by the way.

Season 5 Information And More

 Information from  Winx---Belieivx and WinxClub4Ever

Rainbow Company announced the transfer of rights to broadcast serila PopPixie channel Nickelodeon in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Eastern Europe, CIS and Africa.
The series is also sold for the show in Italy, France, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Africa, Turkey, Middle East and North Africa and Israel.

Thus, the series will be broadcast in more than 50 countries that hold the line of toys, Bandai, as well as products for more than 30 major European licensees, such as the Giochi Preziosi, Clementoni, Ravensburger, Rusconi, Hachette.

In Russia, signing important for the company's contract with the STS channel on the TV series Winx Club and PopPixie. The TV series Winx Club deal was for 5 seasons. All of them were produced in collaboration with Nickelodeon. CTC has already been transferred the right of the first 4 seasons, the show which will begin in the fall. The fifth season will be broadcast in autumn 2012 New Movie Magic Winx 3D adventure will come to the big screen in January next year, the date specified!

From Winx---Belieivx 

 From what it stands now, US willn't be getting PopPixie. But we now know more about Winx in the US, Season 5 will now air in the fall of next year rather than in February, and the second Winx movie will come in January of next year, but it will come to the theaters!

Happy Friendaversary Stellabigfan!!!


I know that this isn't Winx news, and I am a little bit early. But I wanted to make sure I got this posted,  tomorrow is my friendaversary with one of my best friends, Stellabigfan! It has been a year since me meet via Winx-Fairies! Happy Friendaversary Stellabigfan!