New Wings?

Well, Nick has updated their Dress Me Up! game.  They have some regular clothes that you have seen the Winx wear multiple times in the show, and then you have some clothes (and wings!) that you have NEVER seen the Winx wear.  Ever.  So, for example?  Look below at this.  (Mainly the new wings.  The dress is kinda lame, and was probably something someone came up with just to add clothes to the game) but... what if it isn't?  What if we have a sneak peek into some season 5 material?  

Yeah.  Did you notice what I did?  Those wings could easily be Roxy's, and seem to have a similar colour-scheme as many fan-made "Enchantix" pictures of the girl.  Could it be... *gasp* Sirenix?  Since I have no idea what is generalized in the new transformation, Sirenix, as Bloom is the only one to have a confirmed outfit, I honestly can't even say if they look like Sirenix wings or not.  However, in my opinion, they look very elegant, while retaining a simple form, and very light, pastel colours.  (Seems very "ocean-ey" to me), so it is possible.  But would Nick give a spoiler, no matter how subtle, this early?  We have till what?  Fall for the next season to premiere?  You be the judge.

Here's another new dress and set of wings.

I am less impressed since these look like rainbow Tracix wings to me.  Pretty though, that's for sure. :)

Check out the game for yourself to see some more new clothes! :D

PS: is it just me, or is their breathing really creepy?  They look like they are making a huge effort to do so. xD


In a recent article about Cymponique Miller (who sings 'Winx, Your Magic Now') was posted on For most of the post talks about her upcoming Nick show, How to Rock. However there is one part which mentions her role in Winx as the following.

 "She provides the voices of Nova and Krystal on the animation series, Winx Club, and sings the show's theme song."

 Nova (who appers in season three) is a friend of Stella's who thought the season helps her keep up with the going ons on Solaria, but Krystal? In the series there has been many diffrent fairies, both major and minor, but never has there been one by the name of Krystal.

So the question is, who is Krystal? Could she be a new character we will meet in the new upcoming seasons? Who is she and what role does she play? Or is this another case of "Keisha"?

What do you think?

Winx 4 Life presents, the "Write Winx, Write Now" contest!


Season Five; What do you want to see, or not?

The Winx are getting excited for their next adventure.
We know the Winx are going to have the Sirenix form in season five as well as a few possible episode titles, but over all little is known about the upcoming new season.

So, what do you think season five's plot, and subplots will be? What do you hope to see and what do you not want to see at all?

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all! If you thought 2011 was a big year for the Winx, then you haven't see anything yet. 2012 is going to be the year of the Winx with English airings of The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, season four and Magical Adventure. In addition this fall comes the brand-new and long awaited season five!

What are you most excited about seeing in 2012?