Happy New Year!


Hey everyone! There are only a few more days until 2010 will be behind us and 2011 will be in full swing; so I wanted to make sure that I got the chance to wish you all a very Happy New Year filled with only good things!

As we say goodbye to the year let us look back on 2010, what was your favorite memory from 2010?

I myself can't just pick one moment, this year has been amazing and I can only hope that 2011 will be just as great.

On a side note, the layout (Merry Winxmas theme) will remain up till the end of January and there will be a new one posted in early February!

Seasons Greetings From Everyone At Winx 4 Life


And to spread the Holiday joy, I attached the music video to one of my favorite Holiday songs, but also a favorite big time rush number  'Beautiful Christmas'. Even if you don't celebrate the Holiday-the song is about this time of year and what it means. The video was uploaded by LoganHerdersonMusic, (disclaimer, we don't own BTR, just fans!)

I hope you all have a truly wonderful Holiday season, filled with time with friends and family!

Forum News!

Hey y'all!  Well, the forum is up and ready to go with several different categories that you can post in!  Please be sure to go visit it at http://winx4life.forumotion.com/forum!  Have fun, guys! :D

A New 'For Life' Site- (Let's Get Dangerous! Again)

Hey everyone! Happy day-before-Christmas-Eve-For-Anyone-Whom-Celebrates-The-Holiday!

Winx 4 Life is now not the only 4 Life site now. I am proud to announce my new site is officially opened. Please welcome Darkwing Duck For Life!

As I say in my opening post, I am a huge fan of the show. For Life to be more clear.

I know a lot of you may or may not know the 'dark knight' but let me tell you it is an truly amazing show, full of action, adventure, laughs, heart. So if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to do so. You willn't regret it, it's great!

I also have a news blog made (here on blogger) for it, where updates regarding the BOOM! comics and such will be posted, it also has a live chat box.

So be sure to stop by and tell me what you think! I am so glad I am able to share my love of the show with everyone! And also a huge thanks to everyone over at BOOM! for bring the show back in comic form!

As Darkwing himself would say about now, 'Let's Get Dangerous!'

Merry Christmas


I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!God bless you all this holiday season!

New Winx Club Doll Image

As originally posted on WinxClub4Ever.

I have to say Tecna's 'City Girl' doll's hair looks strange. But I love the Roxy dolls, but the ice skating one seems to have darker hair that appears more purple than pink.

What do you all think of the new dolls? Who is your favorite?

Winx 4 Life Get's A Forum!

You all heard right, Winx 4 Life now has it's own forum! http://winx4life.forumotion.com/index.htm

Be sure to join! As of now there isn't much there, but it will grow!

New Holiday Layout!

Hey Winx fans, happy holidays! I know Christmas is a few days away, so as promised the new Holiday themed graphics are here. The headers and buttons will come soon, and there will be a post when they come.  Be sure to tell us what you think!


Hey guys and gals! It's Emzz here! So, Where are the letters? There is no point in having a "Letters to Winx" without the letters part. If your a big big big and all the big's in the world fan of winx then come on! Grab those pencils, pens, keyboards and send a letter here, and you might get a reply...


I haven't been on for a while and im just saying hey and wishing you a happy holiday!
And around the corner there lies someones B-Day. My B-Day that is!

2010, A Magical Year For The Winx!

I know that there still are about 18 days remain in 2010. However they will go by faster than you can say "Winx Beliviex! with all of the holiday festivities upon us.

So I really wanted a chance to remember what an amazing year 2010 has been before we get in the full Holiday spirit of this winter.

This year we have gotten quite a bit of amazing Winx news! Even though at times there wasn't much to report because season 4 had ended in 2009. But we did get some great things from Winx's official web site!  During the summer we learned that Rainbow was working on a season 5 with 'contuing the adventures of the seven Winx fairies'.

Possibly the biggest news of the year had to have been when Rainbow and Nick teaming up , this brough a lot of hope and joy to Winx fans all over the world. Even though there where/are mixed reactions it was huge. And this coming year we will finally see the Winx return with new voices!

In October the long a waited Winx Club Magical Adventure was realised overseas.

Plus there was a lot more, but not only did we have Winx news to celebrate over this year also marked a few mile stones for Winx 4 Life and some of our friends' and their web sites. Many amazing Winx fans celebrated birthdays for their amazing sites.

Overall 2010 had been a very good year for Winx and winx fans, I can only hope that 2011 will as amazing as 2010 was.

Have You Seen Winx Club Magica Avventura 3D Yet?

As we know back at the end of November, the brand new Winx Club Movie- Winx Club; Magial Adventure 3D opened over Italy. The movie has already aired in a few other countries overseas.

When looking through YouTube, I found that the YouTube user LaylaBalint has uploaded the entire movie. Even though it is in Russian, the quality of the movie is great.

So if you haven't seen the movie yet, now is your change to do so. One of my friends who had seen it when it opened said that it wasn't as great as you would think- it is greater!

So be sure to click play and tell us what you think of the new adventure! And a big time thanks to LaylaBalint for uploading! 

Happy (Day Late) Bloom!

Sorry for the late post, I have been busy lately (the holidays are upon us).

But I wanted to make sure that we got the change to wish the fairy of the Dragon's Flame a very happy and magical 20th birthday.

So happy birthday Bloom!

BG5 (The BeachGirl5) - Scratch

For some fun and more new posts,lets have a voting thing.I will post links for appropriate new and popular music and you say which Winx girl would most likely listen to that music more than the others (with your wonderful comments of course!),so here's the first link.Oh!And if you have any suggestions on new music to put for a link, be our guest and comment with it!!Enjoy!!