Winx Club:Season 4 Promo! Coming May 6th @ 12/11c! HD!


More Season Five Images and Information

Full credit to WinxClub4Ever

Wait, two transformations for season five? And all Sirenix does is allow them to use their powers under water?

Looks like we have a lot of brand-new Winx heading our way! :D

Season Four To Air May 6th


It's offical, the long awaited season four will air Sunday May 6th- TWO days before Winx 4 Life's second birthday. Now that is epic!

Secret of the Lost Kingdom on Amazon!

Credit to both Michael and OP from Una di Noi. now has the Winx Club:Secret of the Lost Kingdom up for pre-order for $11.99- much cheaper than iTunes. As for the date, they do not have one posted at this time.

New layout

There are still some graphics to be made as well as applying the new layout on the site's other pages. However what do you think of the new layout?

  Homepage has been completed. I did decided to change the theme of the layout from a band theme to couples. However some of our shippings may be more fanon than cannon. (ValtorXBloom for any SparksShippers) :D

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New Sirenix Images

Major credit to Cristal-Winx for the images :)

For more check out their full post

What are your thoughts on both Flora and Stella's Sirenix?

Winx gets a new home at Random House


"Winx Club is Nickelodeon’s first-ever girl-targeted animated show—a modern fantasy adventure series following six fashion-forward best friends. Random House will publish a wide variety of formats based on these new properties."

According to this we can look for brand-new Winx Club books this fall. Are you planning on picking up any Winx books? If so what kind(s) are you looking forward to buying?

Winx Club:Season 4 Promo and watch Secret of The Lost Kingdom

So sorry for the late posting on this news, anyways, at the end of this Sunday's airing of Secret of the Lost Kingdom the following trailer for season four was aired. At this time we don't have a air date to put in place of "Coming Soon", but according to Molly it will be coming sometime this month.

Video upload, BelieveInWinx

Also, for anyone who may have missed the airing of the Winx movie you can now watch the film at

What are your thoughts on both the trailer and Secret of the Lost Kingdom?

Secret of the Lost Kingdom this Sunday and other news.

This Sunday at 12/11c Nick is airing Winx Club: Secret of the Lost Kingdom. In celebration of the event, Winx fans are going to try and get Winx Club trending on twitter an hour before the premier. So if you have twitter be sure to join in, all you have to do is add #WinxClub to your tweets!

Onto season five, it has been confirmed by numerous sites (Michael's Winx Club, BelieveInWinx, and Winx-Fairies) that the season will air in Italy this Fall; the same time as North American fans can look out for brand-new products. However, for US Winx fans the wait for the Winx's new adventure is longer as rumor has it- Nick will air it late 2012.

Also, I would like to thank each and everyone who has entered our "Write Winx, Write Now" contest. I plan on having the winners announced next weekend the latest, mainly due to the fact this coming week is going to be a crazy one on my end. Never the less, I thank you all for your wonderful entries.  In addition, I am planning on making a new layout for the site shortly, so feel free to send any suggestions.