1 More DAy till Hallowinx!!!


So what are you going to be??Please comment to let us know!!!Oh!And what do you think of this pics??Aren't they great???I love'm,I did not make them though!!

Happy HalloWINX From the Winx 4 Life Team and The Winx Club!


Happy HalloWinx, to all of our friends!

More Movie Pics!


I can't wait to see the movie! And to those of you who won't have the chance to see it I will post it on our "The show" page.
And like Ella said, now that the movie is out season 5 information isn't to far away! When the information comes out we'll tell you!

More Movie Photos

From Beliviex In Winx:

Also for Winx fans in Russia the DVD version of Winx Club Magical Adventure will be out on November 12th.

Wow, in all of my life I have never seen a movie go so fast from the big screen to DVD so fast! I can't wait to see the movie!

Now that they movie is out and doing well, that means season 5 information isn't too far away!!!


As posted on Una di Noi!
Well it looks as if everyone is excited about this, and did I hear right?  A new American cast? Hm, I think I was right! So we will have ALL NEW VOICES!! But no matter how you think about this is BIG TIME NEWS!

New Love In The Air Wallpaper


The second 'Love is in the Air' themed wallpaper, this time showing the fairies and heroes in season 4 form!

Winx Club 3D:Magica Avventura: Backstage[Official] HQ[New Believix Movie...


What Will Nick Do? And What Would You Do?

Hey everyone!

Each day we are getting that much closer to the return of Winx Club! And the new agenda for season 5 has already been made by Rainbow and Nick. So it's getting closer to that big-big-big-big day! (Sorry, I'm basically quoting Big Time Rush lyrics!).

The partnership has only be reviled to us for a few mouths now and we are slowly starting to see some changes. Rainbow and Nick are both much more talked about and the concept of reaching the American audience has come up more time than I can count (Does Rainbow realize that they already DO have American fans and the Winx have HAVE reached their hearts? Sorry, I couldn't help but to point that out because a lot of my friends and myself ARE American Winx fans).

We have also seen the two companies play tag team at the Branding Licensing Europe Event last mouth. There Winx was both at Rainbow's suite but also at Nick's with Big Time Rush and Victorious.

Then the unfortunate news of the Winx YouTube King Bajogate having to remove all of his amazing Winx Club and Pop Pixie YouTube videos. It seems as if we can guess that this may ber there way of saying that the Winx will be here very soon. But it is still a major loss.

As we have heard before Nick is planning on make 'movies' for seasons 1-3 that will be 3 or 4 hours long rather than showing all 26 episodes that are in each season.

Needless to say odds are a lot of the parts that us as older fans who had originally seen the episodes will disappear.

The question I would like to ask all of you is this; what would you cut out of the seasons? What would you add or remove from the show if given the chance to do so? Share your thoughts in a comment, I want to know what you all think!

More Winx FAn aRT


Take a look at these too,fanmade.Wow,there are some really good artists out there huh??I did not make these!!!!!I found these at deviantart.com!!

Fanart :Winx Totally Spies

I was looking around for pics on my project and spotted this fanmade pic,what do you think?Who looks the best??

Winx 4 Life's New Layout!

Hey everyone!

As many of you have noticed, our layout has changed yet again. This time it's beliviex themed!

Despite the fact we all love the 'Love and Pet' themed layout, sometimes you need to change things. Espically with all the changes in the Winx world.

The site's changes are not complete though, I need to fix the headers a bit and finishes the new buttons.

But this gives you all an idea of how the site will look for now on. So what do you all think of the new layout?