Two Months Away

Hi everyone,

By now you probably are all but sure that Winx 4 Life is closed- history as the last post was made back in February and activity around here has been down since mid-fall of last year. But before you close this tab, I want to assure you again that Winx 4 Life is not closing. As of the past few months my personal life has been crazy  and stressful, thus preventing me from being here as I long to be. However things are coming to an end and stress is dying down and I am back- for good this time.

I will probably start doing major maintenance on the site, changing pages up, new layout, re-vamping our forum and potentially adding new writers to our family. Outside of that there are only a few more days left until Winx 4 Life's birthday! A very exciting festivity that I am currently unsure how to properly celebrate.

May will be a big month for Winx and Winx 4 Life as we reach the climax of "Beyond Believix", the American premier of Magical Adventure and much more. :)