The Reason Behind The Campaign

As you all most likely know, many Winx fans are partaking in a letter writing campaign to Nick about Winx that has been established over at Una di Noi. However, sadly many fans are no quite understanding the reasoning behind our efforts. OP has recently posted an article on her blog to explain the point behind the campaign and clear up and false rumors.

I highly encourage everyone at the very least to read her post and join in. However, I do respect anyone who choses not to write in.

Is Season Six the End for Winx?

As you most likely know, the sixth season for Winx is currently in-production despite the fact there are still episodes left to air in several counties.  At this time nothing is confirmed about the next installment of the series and rumor has it that it will premier next spring marking ten years of Winx. But again, nothing is official. :)

Many fans have started to inquire if season six will be the final season of the series, yet again this is rumor. Over at Una di Noi there is actually a post about how you want to see the series again, so far there is a great deal of feedback and ideas.

But what if season six is the last season of Winx? How would you feel about that? And what hopes, ideas do you have for season six? What do you do not want to see?

For more news about season six, and Winx in general, head over to Michael's site and check out his newest post with new information from the Licensing Expo!