Get Your Copy of the Winx Club Magical Adventure Soundtrack on iTunes

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. But more news is on the way.

Today when logging into iTunes to download the new Big Time Rush Christmas songs, I seen that iTunes had added the soundtrack to the newest Winx Club movie soundtrack  to the store! You can buy the entire songs (all 9 of them) for $8.91. Or you can buy a song for 99 cents.

I don't know about you might think; but this has to be my new favorite cd. I love the first song! What do you think of the new Winx songs? And what is your favorite one (that is if you have one!).

A video on the new Winx Club computer games


Pretty cool!  Looks a bit like a Winx-y version of Sims to me. ^^

Happy Thanksgiving


I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends and sorry about the posts recently,I promise to post more!!!Oh,and save some turkey for me!!!So...what are you all doing for Thanksgiving???Please comment your answer!!

Who Would You Cast?

Do you remember the post I made back on Sunday October 24, about the interview with the creator of Winx Club? If you do then you will recall he said 'the new American cast'.

After watching the video I couldn't help but to wounder; who is in the American cast? So who do you think would provide the voices to




My theorise is that they will have some new comers join as well as some of Nick's major stars. Because not only would they still be under contract but also their star power would draw views.

So what do you think, who should voice who?

Winx Club; Magica Avventura


I found this video on  51 Minutes of the Winx Club Magica Avventura!  May not be in English, and may not have the best quality in the world, but hey? It's still the  movie. :)  Enjoy!

Winx and Celebs


Which celebs are your favorites??I'm really interested in Hollywood and acting so I was thinking about a new post since we haven't had a lot in awhile.I read that the inspiration for Stella was Brittany Spears,Flora was Jennifer Lopez,Bloom was Lindsey Lohan,and I think Layla was Beyonce.So who's your faves??Please leave a comment listing one or two out :)

New Russian Conputer Games

Hey guys!  I apologize about the lack of posts lately.  News has been slow, and I have been rather busy as well.
Well, today I found out some interesting things!  There are two new Winx Club computer games being released in Russia sometime this month (The 26th I believe)!  The screenshots below are of a game that mainly focuses on Stella.  From what I have read about it; it appears to be a fashion designer game, where you have to get Stella ready for a date with Brandon.  After picking some fabulous fashions for her, you can print up your best designs.

The second game focuses on fashion around the world, using over 150 kinds of clothes and footwear - plus accessories and hairstyles.  You can print ans share these as well.

These games look like something the younger audience would definitely enjoy, but I wish they would make more of an action/adventure game sometime for us older fans. :) Awesome graphics though, as usual.

Winx 4 Life Turns 7 Months Old

My, my! Time certainly goes by fast! As of tomorrow Winx 4 Life turns 7 months old! And I am proud to say we have reach over 19,000 hits (so close to 20,000!), 695 people who 'like' us on facebook and 20 followers on twitter!

Thank You all so much for everything! I hope that we will be able to continue to bring you all Winx news for many years (which we might, now that the Rainbow/Nick partnership has come into play. We are going to get 2 more movies and 2 (for sure) seasons).

And a BIG TIME THANK YOU to my fellow team members, with out everyone's hard work and love and passion for the Winx, the site would never be this big, thank you!

So be sure to enter our Hallowinx contest and check out TailSpin a amazing fansite for the hit Disney show from 'The Disney Afternoon!' There is a link for it below!