Molly Quinn to voice act Bloom on Nickelodeon

Credit to The Obvious Prattler at Una Di Noi. Molly Quinn is going to voice act Bloom on Nickelodeon this summer according to her fan site. And not only that, but look at the link she put up! :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O! That's us! Out of all the other fan sites in the world she chose ours! :D Ah!

Okay so I haven't actually heard Molly's voice but I'm curious to know how it sounds. I'm excited that we know another voice actress. I wonder who will voice Stella....

Winx Season 5 To Come Next Febuary

Sorry for being a little late on posting this, teck issues. Anyways full credit to OP from Una di Noi and Kikurukina from Winx-Fairies. Below is part of the article regarding Winx.

Winx Club

The firm’s recent deal with Nickelodeon means that all future Winx activity will be supported by a long-term, guaranteed broadcast platform.

Beginning this summer, Nickelodeon will air four new one-hour specials in the US, UK, Latin America, Canada and Benelux. These will summarise the first three series and will be followed by series four in the autumn, and five in February 2012 (all co-produced with Nickelodeon).

US and UK toy deals are in the works, while the brand is already established in the apparel category. In the UK, Smith & Brooks is on board, while Mirtillo and Yaygan showcased clothing and bag lines at the CPM Collection Premier in Moscow in February. In terms of toys, Rainbow received a good reaction to its Bloom & Peg doll and the Bloom Princess doll at Nuremberg, both of which come from the 3D Winx Club movie.

So this summer the 'movies' of the first three seasons, then in the fall season 4 will air and in February of 2012 Winx season 5 arrives. Well this is really good news for us fans and the fact that toy deals are in the works, now all that is left is the comics.
Hopefully during the KCA's on April 2 we will get to see a trailer of some type of news about Winx, but we will just have to wait and see!!

Songs from Winx Club - The 3D Movie

Well, I happened to be browsing today, and ran across the Turkish songs from the new 3D Movie!  You can buy each one for 99 cents, or the whole album for $8.91.  By going to Amazon, you can listen to samples of the songs - and in my opinion, they sound really cool.  Here is the song list (with English translations using the amazing Google Translate ;))

1. Harikalar Diyari(Wonderland)
2. Süper Kizlar(Super Girls)
3. Kir Zincirini(Dirt Chain)
4. Iyiler, Kötüler (Good Guys, Bad Guys)*
5. Cool Çocuk(Cool Kids)
6. Ask Bir Mucize (Ask for a Miracle)
7. Asktan Kaçilmaz(Love Kaçilmaz)
8. Uyandirma (Wake Up)
9. Her Zaman(Every Time)

*A big thanks to Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel for this translation.