Oh no: Rumours are spreading!

I was looking for some news about winx club and happen to find tones of videos saying that the fan art phoebe found is a real transformation! We can't let a huge rumour like this spread! It would be a HUGE let down for all the people who saw thoes videos and found it was just fanmade! Here are the videos that started that rumour

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG6YkPmcOM0&feature=fvw(If these URLs dont work, so sorry for the trouble)

So what i'm asking is for you to help to stop this rumour from spreading, here are some ways you can help

1)leave a comment to the poeple who made these videos telling them it's only fanmade
2)create a video for everyone to see telling them something like "falso info' the season 5 trasformation is not announced and thoes pictures are only fanmade
3)you could spread word that the pictures are fanmade

There are more ways you can help but thoes are just some ideas on how you can help,


Sorry for the wait!

As you all may notice that we havent gotten real news lately about winx season 5 or the second movie, although we have posted SOME news but not really thrilling news, but we are searching for some new news and hope to find some soon!


Aquaix Correction

As previous seen, the aquaix transformation is not going to be seen in season 5 of the Winx. The transformation of this season has not been official announced yet.

Aquaix is from a book about the Winx during season 3.
Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Aqautix is the new season 5 transformation?


Thanks to annoymous, i found out that the season five transfomation will be "Aqautix" (a mermaid transformation) so could that mean that the fanart that phoebe found ISNT going to be used?

Season 4 Comming To America??

Building on to the first movie news,I have also found some news that we (American winx fans) will be receiving Winx Club Season 4 THIS SUMMER! Even though it is only on Wikipeda(need I say more?), but there has also been similar post on tv.com. But they have no date listed. Hoping that the site is right the air date for season 4 would fit perfectly. The movie would have already aired!

Winx Club: Secret of The Lost Kingdom, Comming to America?!?!?

When randomly checking out Wikipeda I found this information about the first Winx movie. Check out the date for the American opening. Could this be true? Even thought we all know who unreliable the site can be, could it be right for a change? What do you think? If we really did get it, I would be the first in line to see it (although I have seen it like 60 times!)Could this also mean season 4 is comming? And what will 4kids do to episode 24??

Connect With Winx 4 Life

As many of you know Winx 4 Life is on facebook! When I checked this moring I seen we had 102 people that 'like' us. So thank you all! And we are also on twitter. So fallow us at www.twitter.com/winx4life

Roxy 3D?


I found this pic of roxy in 3D, could she really be in the movie? we'll find out soon enough

More movie images!

                                                   From Winx Fashion:

 Not sure what is up with the backgrounds.....

More Movie Images!

Now I am really excited for this. So it must take place after season 4,and my biggest question is where is Roxy?

More Winx Movie News!

As seen on other Winx blogs, there have been some major updates on the offical movie site. Here are some screen shots from my computer!

I am getting excited for the movie!

Winx Over The Years Poll Is Now Opened

I just wanted to let everyone know that the Winx Over The Years Poll is official opened. I have made it so you can vote as may times as you want. Please don't take advantage of that. You can vote for all 6 girls twice, one transformation and one everyday. The winning pairs will be the new headers! The poll ends on June 19th. There is a reason for that, I will tell you later.

Now Go Vote!

A Look Back

Remember this? The original ad for Winx season 4. From Micheal's Winx Club. Now to look back it seems a little strange to see the 'original' beliviex (well at the time we had no idea). And now the 'new transformations' aka beliviex, sophix, and lovix. To look at the outfits from then and now, there is a lot of changes. What do you think?

Winx Over The Years- Stella

What's you favorite Stella transformation and everyday look? Comment and tell us!You have till June 18th to tell us then on the 19th come and see the winning headers!

Comments Are Back!

After playing around with the sites, it was reviled that the issue was coming from the templates. So the issue is fixed and we fixed the templeta, so no more issues! Sorry for the trouble.

Comments Are Not working

Hay guys, there has been some blogger issues with comments. I don't know why they aren't working but I am trying everything to fix them. And once I do I will post something letting you guys know!

To Ella

That sounds great about the winx over the years thing! But one problem is that no one can comment, its a problem you've girls had forever. and thats one reason why im posting this, i would have commented about if i could, oh wait, but then if i could comment then we wouldnt have had this problem. I know how to fix it though, but im not allowed to yet, i cant go into the settings, add gadgets, nothing. all i can do is post stuff. but theres a button you press that allows me to do stuff like let people comment.

Winx 4 Life On Facebook!

Hay guys if you have not seen this yet Winx 4 Life is on facebook! So if you have facebook, feel free to join the page!


Itallian Magazine; Issue number 74

Hey guys, on the official website - there are pictures of the new magazine, Amori e Doveri (translated Love and Duties).  Here is what it said on the official website (translated on i Google)

How nice! May has arrived and the sun shines in the sky! To celebrate the summer, the Winx Club Magazine is dyed in many colors! Incredible charge to the Jazz Dance with Aisha
curiosity about a garment timeless and always loved the jeans! Can not miss the special on Lady Gaga! Not to mention the secrets and the latest from the magical world Winx 
Club: find out who is the new Bloom's friend in the new 3D movie "Magical Adventure!

Sounds pretty cool!  Below is the cover image as well as some of the pages.  Plus, there is an image of some awesome Winx Club hats! =)

Winx Over The Years-Bloom

Over the years we have seen the Winx girls change and grow up. So I thought it would be a great idea to compare the girls over the years and see what is the most popular fairy form and everyday look for each of the orginal 6 girls. So make sure to comment and tell us what one is your favorite and you might see it as the next Winx 4 Life header. First off we have Princess Bloom!

Thanks Ella!

Thank you so much Ella, for welcoming me! I hope to find some good things to post soon!

Winx 4 Life Welcomes New Writer- stellabigfan!

Hay fellow winx fans! As you can see now we have 3 writers; Angela, Ella(me) and the newest member to our team, stellabigfan! Look for new post by stellabigfan soon!


Winx Season 4 to Air In America?

From tv.com

This has been posted on the site for quite a while. But there has never been a date listed. So is this true or a rumor? At this point it is hard to tell. Hopefully this could mean we will see our favorite fairies fly on our tv sets soon!

Thank You Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel!

I just wanted to post a Thank You to Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel for makeing a amazing banner for the site. I have to figure out how to add it to the page and then it will be there! Thank you again!

Movie 2 Pictures Found!

As many of you have seen Angela found some amazing pictures from the Winx Club 2: A Magical Adventure. I have found where they came from. A magazine ad! Check it out!

Even thought I speak Italian , I can't quite understand it all. But what I can tell the first page tells us the main plot of the new movie as well as explains Bloom's new horse; Peg.
Well looks like we will not be waiting too long for more Winx Club Magical Adventure news. Come back to Winx 4 Life for the newest movie news!

We Have An Email!

Hay readers, bloggers and fellow winx fans! I just wanted to let everyone know we (Winx 4 Life) official have our own email. winx4life.blog@gmail,com. If you have something you want us to post (e.x. news, fan fic, fan art,pictures, ect) just send it in!

New Headers

I have been making new headers, what do you think? There are new ones on every page. Very winxish right? I also have added a music page!

New Template

We have a have a new template, what do you think? I am also playing around with the header, trying to make it winxish!

What's New On The Offical Winx Club Site

There is a lot of new stuff on the updated Winx Site.
-They have added for download 'Chain Reactions' Tecna's song
- The Comic 'King Nobody'
-Season 1 Episode 14 'Bloom's Dark Secret' but it is only in Italian (Like all of the other episodes)
- A new Musa wallpaper has been added (has anyone else noticed how the original Winx girls are in there season 3 outfits rather than season 4 outfits (( city girl, love and pet and the list goes on)) )
- The Winx are also have a new contest!

New pictures from the second Winx Club movie!

I found these images on Winx Fashion of the new movie!  I am assuming they came from a magazine judging by the cutout of Stella.  (Who is in the same pose as her regular Believix!)
The three woman in red really puzzle me.  I saw the one on the left on another picture of the movie.  I wonder who they are and what role they will play in this new movie!

New Author

Hey guys!  My name is Angela (you may know me from Angela's Winx World) and I am a new author for Winx 4 Life. =)  I am a huge fan of Winx Club and I definitely enjoy blogging and making new friends!  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my posts to come!☺


A New Hero For The Winx Girls? *Update*


As may of us has seen the new and updated Official Winx Club site, we have seen now we can pick our avatars. From all of the Winx Girls in there Rock Band look and City Girl (all except Roxy :( ). Then the heroes. (As seen in the image).But the question is who is the guy beside Riven? Will we see him in season 5? Who is he and what role will he play? And is he Roxy or Layla's new boyfriend? And where is Nabu????

As it has been said he is Karel, a character from the Winx comics (no wounder I didn't know him). But what is he doing in the show?

A Heart Fairy?


Over the seasons we have seen the winx get new transformations, from the magic winx form, charmix , enchantix to the newest beliviex. Just by looking at them you could easily tell who had what power. Stella with the warm colors and stars , Flora the earth design and the flowers, Musa the head set in magic winx and music themed wings,Tecna with the very moderner look that looks digital, Layla the water type designs , and Roxy with the paw prints. But with Bloom it is hard to tell, she is always in shades of blue and has heart shaped things (wings, sheald, ect.) so how do we know she is the fairy of the Dragon's Flame? Or is she the fairy of hearts?

Yay I have a banner!

If you look over to the right, I offical have my own banner. Yay! Feel free to post

The Two Movie Posters

Not to long ago there was the first Winx 2 movie poster with the tag line "The Magic Is Back" but with all the new information the tag line really doesn't fit.

If you look at the two posters a lot has changed, we don't see Bloom's parents (earth or birth)in it , the Winx girls are not in formal dresses and Sky is no where to be seen. And a new title. What do you think is better the first one or the new one?