"The Lilo" Clips, Season Five Images, And Site Updates; Oh My!

We have a ton of new Winx news today, so let's get started! Credit goes to Michael's Winx Club, BelieveInWinx and MagixJourney.

-"The Lilo" Clips: Check out theses two new clips from Sunday's season five premier episode; "The Lilo" (and  not as in Lilo and Sitch- or at least I hope not) , as uploaded by BelieveInWinx!


"The season 5 premiere episode of 'Winx Club,' our girls must hope that people's belief in magic is strong, so they can find the Lilo. The Lilo is a magical plant that will bloom for the first time in centuries, and it's up to the Winx to find it before the evil finds its way first."

-Season Five Images: Back on the tenth, I posted about the official Winx Club website opening up a special season five page. Previously you could only gain access to two of the the three features; Flora's trailer, and Stella's coloring pages. Today Bloom's photo gallery has opened up and you can check out two brand-new screenshots- featuring Bloom herself and Sky- of the upcoming season! Plus it looks as if Rainbow will be adding more screenshots of the fellow Winx fairies; Layla (what happened to Aisha?!), Flora, Tecna, Musa and Stella!  So be sure to keep an eye out for that. ;)

-Site Updates: Looks like the official Winx Club site isn't the only one getting a Winx-y makeover, be sure to hop on over to Winx's page on Nick.com/winx to check out their brand-new layout!

What is your thoughts on the brand-new clips and images? Are you excited for Sunday's debut of Beyhond Believix?

We Are Believix! Help Us Get #WinxClub Trending on Twitter This SUNDAY


Feel free to download the posters to help us spread the message!

Season 5 Theme Song Lyrics - Italian

Thanks to InabluMovies for uploading this :)

We are Winx!
Friends! Do it! Magic!
Every day is a challenge for us...
But we are here!
Ready to win!
A look at a smile and then go!
You can fly through the stars with us
You know .... there's nothing that will stop us!
Always together! together again!
We are Winx!
Friends! Do it! Magic!
If you need to know
We are here with you!
We are Winx!

Season Five, EpisodeTwo: "The Rise of Tritannus" Summary

Even though we are still only days away from the premier of the fifth season of Winx, the second episode's title have already been announced! As posted on MagixJourney the following summary has been provided by TV Listings.

"Winx Club
Episode: The Rise of Tritannus
S05, E02
The Winx hold a benefit concert to clean up the oil spill; Tritannus absorbs the spill's pollution and transforms into a monster; Tritannus and Trix escape from prison."

Winx Club:Beyond Believix! Nick Stars!


Uploaded by BelieveInWinx.

Looks like Diaspro is back, anyone else thinking sparks are gonna be flying between her and Bloom?

Are you ready to go Beyond Believix?

Winx Season Five; Episode One "The Spill" Details

At long last we are getting some details on the upcoming season five which now has been officially confirmed to air on August 26th at noon.

As reported by both MagixJourney and BelieveInWinx, the first episode is titled "The Spill". Here is the summary as provided by DirectTV!

"In the kingdom of Andros, Aisha's Uncle Neptune plans to make his son Nereus a prince; Nereus' twin brother disrupts the crowning ceremony and is sent to prison"

  Hm, it looks like we will be getting to revisit Aisha's world in the upcoming season!

Any predictions for Beyond Believix? Anything you are hoping for or hoping not to see?

Winx Toys Host Doll Sweepstakes

@WinxToys recently tweeted about their brand-new Winx Doll Sweepstakes via Pinterest with the following details!

"Each week we'll feature a different Winx doll and you'll have the chance to win it! We'll post images and all you have to do is guess who it is. The images are puzzle pieces, so you'll have to use your powers of Believix to figure out who is who. Repin the images with #WinxClubSweeps and your guess for a CHANCE TO WIN! Find out more about Winx Toys: www.facebook.com/... This week's sweeps ends on 8/19. Winners announced on FB, 8/24."

 Good luck to all! :D

Winx To Get Soft Furnishings

Credit to BelieveInWinx, full article here.

"Licensing firm Character World has agreed a deal to create a line of soft furnishings featuring characters from children's TV channel Nickelodeon.Nickleodeon and Viacom Consumer Products has signed an agreement with Cheadle-based Character World, which will develop and produce bedroom textiles, furniture and towelling products featuring favourites including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Victorious, Spongebob SquarePants, Winx Club and Dora the Explorer.
Among the first products to launch will be duvet covers, cushion covers, fleece blankets and sleeping bags.
Tim Kilby, director at Character World, said: "To secure an umbrella deal with Nickelodeon is a major coup for Character World.
"We’re extremely excited to introduce new product ranges featuring favourite Nickelodeon characters into the marketplace."
Character World has 50 staff and supplies retailers including Argos, Littlewoods, Express Gifts and Amazon."

"Winx Club 5th Season... a new world to discover!" On Winx Club Online!

On the official Winx Club web site's announce section a new image along with the caption "Winx Club 5th Season... a new world to discover!" has been added, if you click on 'more' a new page opens up in your browser (as seen below).

On the new season five page by putting your mouse over each of the Winx you can access a different feature.

Starting to the left with our favorite Fairy of Nature, if you click on Flora the season five trailer pops up (the newly updated one also seen on the homepage).

In the middle of the three Winx, Bloom allows you to gain access to a photo gallery; but alas, due to the circle not being shaded in pink you can't access the images quite yet. But be sure to check back later for pics! :)

Last, but never least, is Stella. Click on the fairy of the shinning sun to download black and white coloring pages of the six Winx girls in their new everyday attire. Something really cool they have added is a smaller image of the same image in color for anyone who wants to follow the color scheme. ^^

Season Five Airdates: US and Italy

Credit to Michael's Winx Club, fanfiction writer michelle loves you, Winx-Fairies, BelieveInWinx and Cynthia's Winx Blog.

It looks as if the wait for season five isn't that much longer as a new Winx Club ad has been surfacing the net on TheSlap.com , a real life version of the social networking site the characters of Nick's other show Victorious are often use and talk about in the series.

Back on topic, the ad was first found last night by michelle loves you, yet oddly Nick hasn't aired a new commercial yet in addition to their history of unannounced time changes I'm not fully positive if Beyond Believix will air then, but I remain hopeful and excited more ads will follow.

Meanwhile, for all the Italian Winx fans the official Winx Club web sites confirms that season five is set to air on October 23 at 7:20am Monday- Friday on Rai Due!

What do you all think of Beyond Believix airing in about two weeks, are you excited? Any guess or productions for season five?

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Yayyy Enchantix dolls!!  Even though the picture is tiny, they look super pretty!  However... I am getting a little down about the fact that they keep doing collections of just Bloom, Stella and Flora.. (or even in some cases, just Bloom!).  Do you think they'll introduce the other girls later on?  What's your opinion on the limited characters?

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