It has been over a month since any new posts have been published here at Winx 4 Life, I assume many might fall under the impression that the site is going under and closing. This is not the case.

I can not begin to apologize for my absents from the site over the past month, and my lack of activity since ruffly- September of the previous calender year. Things in my personal life have been crazy, and alas, does not appear to be a changing factor for who knows how long. I will spare the details. However I am not back and here to stay with new post coming up as the Toy Fair is only a few weeks away, new dolls and products coming out and part two of Beyond Believix headed our way.

Besides more posts and updates, I am working on planning a new layout (either disco or Harmonix, not too positive at the moment) that I hope to get up before long, and other ideas I am working on, after all come May Winx 4 Life is turning three! ^^

The best is yet to come!