Season Six Trailer Brake-Down


It is official Winxies, season six is upon us. Previously news broke that season six would be flying to our televisions at the end of September, now with the official trailer released via YouTube, it appears that information may very well be valid.

Now that we have our first look at season six, let us break it down. :)

  • Fairy-tale theme: Several times in during Bloom's narration she brings up"fairy-tale" , "not all fairy-tales have happy endings". Perhaps forshadowing?

  • New villain: After Bloom finished her narration, the scene changes and we seen a un-fimilar face, of what appears to be our new villain of the season. Who is she, what is her story and what goals does she have?

  • A Story-book?: During the new villain's first scene, a lot of focus is on a storybook, but why, what is so important about it? Time will tell. 

  • Their Backkkk: The Trix that is, and this time they have another new power-up. 

Yes, Stella, they are back.

  • Guys in Red: More new characters!

  • Couple Moments: Self-explanatory. Oh, and the guys have new outfits!

  •  Winx Style: You did not expect the Winx to ware last season's attire, did you? Looks like they have a new main look- uniforms? Huh? But I can already see Griselda happy dancing somewhere..

  • Magic fail: Stella and nature magic never seem to mix. Poor Flora.
  • Storybook Monsters: Huntik-esque?
  • Kim Possible Moment: First though, looks like some major battles are in the future. 
  • Bloom in New Transformation: Our first look at _ix!
  • "We're the Winx!": Wait, is Daphne in the club now?
  • Check rest of the Winx in their new transformations!: We get to see the entire club's new transformation!

  • Dance time: 

  • Another transformation?: Looks like the WInx will have two this season, and the CGI will return.

What are your thoughts on the trailer, what do you think will happen in season six?

Winx 6 - Trailer

Season Six: Aspirations and Hopes

Even thought the final episodes of season five have yet to air, the up-coming season six has already been slated to debut next year in addition to a third movie; both of which are in production.

That being said, we have already been given teaser tweets by many cast memebers of recording to the studio (according to Jen Cody's tweets the Trix will be back). Plus we have been given our first look at the first episiode of season six with the working title of "Inspiration of Sirenix", by none other than Matt Shively (voice of Sky) (credit goes to MagixJourney for this information).

Besides seeing a bit from one of the scenes, we also see Timmy and Daphne!

Thus leading me to inquire what we all want/need and do not want in season six.  Here are a few of my thoughts.

  • Pixie action: The return of everyone's favorite pixies is already confirmed thanks to Michael of Michael's Winx Club, after nearly a two season absents I hope we get to see them have some decent amount of screen-time.
  • Daphne: Basically implied, it is unknown how large of a role Daphne may or may not have. Regardless I am excited at the potential chances to learn more of her.
  • Less Bloom and Sky and Flora and Helia drama: In season five we have seen quite a few issues within both sets of couples.

What do you think of this photo? Any ideas/thoughts on what will happen in the first episode? What about season six in general, what do you want to see and not want to see?

Limited Edition Daphne Doll Up on Toys R Us Website

Credit to Michael's Winx Club, and JustAnotherWinxFan.

Remember that Daphne doll that was spotted at the Canadan Toys R Us website a few months back? Well, Daphne is back and listed on the American Toys R Us page for about thirty dollars ($29.99 to be exact). For all of us collectors hoping to add Daphne to our collections, best act fast as she is only up until the eighteenth of the month!

Will you be ording Daphne, or are you going to pass? What or who would you like to see as the next limited edition release, share your ideas and thoughts.

The Reason Behind The Campaign

As you all most likely know, many Winx fans are partaking in a letter writing campaign to Nick about Winx that has been established over at Una di Noi. However, sadly many fans are no quite understanding the reasoning behind our efforts. OP has recently posted an article on her blog to explain the point behind the campaign and clear up and false rumors.

I highly encourage everyone at the very least to read her post and join in. However, I do respect anyone who choses not to write in.

Is Season Six the End for Winx?

As you most likely know, the sixth season for Winx is currently in-production despite the fact there are still episodes left to air in several counties.  At this time nothing is confirmed about the next installment of the series and rumor has it that it will premier next spring marking ten years of Winx. But again, nothing is official. :)

Many fans have started to inquire if season six will be the final season of the series, yet again this is rumor. Over at Una di Noi there is actually a post about how you want to see the series again, so far there is a great deal of feedback and ideas.

But what if season six is the last season of Winx? How would you feel about that? And what hopes, ideas do you have for season six? What do you do not want to see?

For more news about season six, and Winx in general, head over to Michael's site and check out his newest post with new information from the Licensing Expo!

Fan Fiction Frustrations

Not in good humor.
I am aware of the fact I seriously need to post more often and this post is rather off-topic. However it is necessary, especially for those who are involved in sites such as

Originally, I will admit I did not want to make a post on this subject and gain attention in a negative manor, but now I see that it is the only way in addition a way to warn others.

As of lately we have been seeing a increasing number  of volitions in the Winx Club archives on, several writers have gone forth and stolen work of fellow fans and posted them on their own accounts claiming they are their own. Some have even lowered themselves to simply copy-and-pasting another writer's story word for word.

Needless to say this is not only un-called for and wildly inappropriate, but also very hurtful towards the real writers of this work. Sadly, the admits of are not very swift on theses incidents. Therefor I am asking everyone who visits this site, and other like it, to keep an eye out. If you do see something that looks familiar to something you have read before or belongs to someone you know, I urge you to notify the original writer at once. If it is stolen, please report and pass it on. DO NOT review, as most of the "writers" who do such things are doing it for attention.

As someone who has gone thought this mess many times over, I highly recommend notifying the original author if nothing else. This is a very serious issue that is only damaging our fandom and causing harm to one another.

Fandom Monday: Fan Fiction- "Burning Gems"

Hey all, sorry for missing a week's installment of Fandom Mondays, but here is another new one! :)

Today is Monday and you know what that means, another installment of our new Fandom Mondays. If you have a fan creation you want to see submitted to Winx 4 Life's Fandom Mondays please e-mail us over at with Fandom Mondays in the subject line.

This week we have another fan fiction taking center stage, "Burning Gems".

Author: Akela Victorie
Title: "Burning Gems".
Status: In-Progress
Type: Multi-Chaptered
Chapters: Currently, four.
Rating: T
Summary: What would happen if Bloom and Diaspro decided to try and settle their differences over the Day of the Royals incident? With them as allies, a whole new Winx Club emerges and Magix will never be the same again...

Burning Gems
I couldn't believe my eyes.
I really could not believe it.
I felt my heart sink when I realised what was happening in front of me, What I had just found out.
Brandon wasn't really Brandon. And Sky wasn't really Sky either.
They were each other.
Brandon was Prince Sky and Prince Sky was Brandon.
That single fact kept repeating over and over in my head and I still couldn't quite comprehend the words.
Bradnon was not who I thought he was. He was actually Prince Sky of Eraklyon.
And he was engaged to another woman that I didn't even have a clue about.
And I attacked her, thinking that she was one of the Trix! When she didn't even have a clue that I existed either!
I feel so ashamed of myself! I can feel my face turning as red as the fire I control when I see Princess Diaspro of Isis confronting him.
I need to get out of here before I do something even more stupid…

"Who is that?" I asked, letting the proper amount of venom seep into my voice as I glared at my fiancé while pointing at the winged redhead who sank to her knees a few feet away.
"Um…" Sky scratched the back of his head nervously.
"Umm… is not an answer, Sky! What the hell just happened with this girl?" I shrieked, finally cracking what little of the calm demeanour I had left.
"I can explain!" He exclaimed, holding his hands out in front of him and backing away slightly.
"You'd better back away…" I thought.
"Explain then." I said, feeling my power surge up within me and red energy gathering at my fingertips.
"Diaspro! Don't do something you'll regret!"
My little sister's voice rang through my ears and I turned to face her as she ran through the stands and towards me in the centre of the auditorium/coliseum like building.
"You're right, Reina. He isn't worth it." I turned to glare at who I am sure will soon be my ex-fiancé and de-transformed.
"Let's go. It's going to be a real media circus around here soon and I might say something very un-princess like if I hang around here any longer…" I turned to glare at Sky again before walking off with my arm around my little sister's shoulders and her arm around mine.

"I can't believe this!" I cried, my head in my hands.
"Neither can I…" I heard Stella's voice near no me.
"There, there… It'll be okay…" Flora lifted my chin up and handed me a hot cup of herbal tea.
"I guess it will be eventually, but I still can't believe what happened, you know?" I said, my voice not sounding like my own.
"He tricked us both!" Stella exclaimed.
"He tricked us all…" Musa corrected.
"They tricked us all…" Tecna corrected Musa.
"Brandon… Or rather… Sky was the worst of the two though. I can't believe that he had a fiancée this whole time! And I was really starting to like him like that, you know?" I said.
Stella nodded. "True. I guess I can forgive Brandon for this. I really do like him whether he's a prince or not. And he didn't have another woman while he had me so that counts in his favour…"
"That's true…" Musa nodded.
"Why are we all sitting around here moping? I know we can't leave campus right now due to us being "grounded", but why don't we find something else to do? Like a Girls Night In?" Flora suggested.
"Good idea. I need to relax and calm down- or I might do something stupid- even more stupid than breaking into the Day of the Royals…" I said.
"Like roasting Sky alive?" Stella suggested.
I smirked. "Like that, but I do enjoy the thought…"

"Are you sure that this is a good idea, Sister?" Reina asked me as I sat at my desk to write.
"It may turn out not to be one of my best ideas, but it's something I need to try." I said, reaching for a pen and beginning to glow slightly as I did.
I chose my words carefully as I wrote. I did not want anything in this message to be misunderstood.
Once done, I sealed the letter and summoned a servant to take it to the mail room to be quickly delivered to its recipient. I just hope said recipient actually takes it…

Sky has tried calling me at least twenty times today and it's only 10 AM. Rather pathetic really…
It's only been about a week or so since the incident and the other Winx and I are now relaxing in the courtyard and trying to decide what to do today ever since we were summoned to Faragonda's office for us to talk before she officially lifted our "grounding".
"I say we go shopping!" Stella exclaimed.
She and Sk-Brandon, dammit (still getting used to the name change…) have kinda-sorta made up. They're not at each other's throats or anything, but they're being civil to one another and hoping to patch things up.
Sky and I on the other hand… I have no wish to see him. At all. Under any circumstances. Some might say I should see him and end things properly, but I'm letting him stew a bit.
Perhaps when I finally do have to face him, I'll stew him literally…
I chuckle at the thought. I've been having rather… violent thoughts concerning him recently…
As for the "other" (or rather first) woman I later learned was Diaspro…
I was rather pissed off at her at first, but after getting the chance to cool down and get my thoughts together properly, I realised that she was not to blame for any of this. Sky was the one deceiving us both and I attacked her out of nowhere. She has very much earned the right to call me a lunatic…
I still feel embarrassed at the fact that I thought she was one of the Trix…
I was startled out my thoughts and fell out of the bench I was sitting in.
I glared at Stella who was laughing hysterically at my reaction and Flora, Musa and Tecna who were struggling to hold in their giggles.
"Look in front of you! You've got mail!" Stella pointed at the floating envelope which was glowing red.
"Oh." I got up and brushed myself off and the envelope rose with me.
I reached out to grab it but it opened by itself and continued to float; only now it was displaying a projection of… Diaspro. Oh no…
"Greetings, Bloom of Earth. You already know who I am: Princess Diaspro of Isis. I programmed this envelope so that only your touch could open it- snoopy paparazzi and all- but if this thing is open you obviously got it, so…
I wish to set things straight with you. I am not particularly pleased with the way we met and the way we discovered the mutual deception we both suffered. However, it is not entirely your fault. I truly believe this and I wish to set things straight between us. A goodwill gesture if you will as I believe that problems like this cannot be solved with mere words on a paper or empty speeches.
As such, I am reaching out to you. I wish to invite you to dinner this Saturday evening at The Crystal Rose, one of my favourite high-end five star restauraunts to visit while in Magix. I know you might feel uncomfortable talking with me alone so I also extend the invitation to one of your friends as well. I will be bringing my sister with me, so I advise you to pick a friend to accompany you.
If you choose to accept this invitation, just hold this envelope and speak your reply and it will get back to me. If not, then I will never contact you again and we can all go our separate ways.
Signed: Her Royal Highness Diaspro, Crown Princess of Isis."
I stared at the letter for a few minutes before collecting my thoughts.
"She… wants to reach out to me?" I said incredulously. "After what I did?"
Stella was actually quiet for a moment as she thought it over. "Well, it does kinda sound as if she's really sincere about it and I know if I were her, I wouldn't be able to do this, in official Princess capacity or not…"
"I think you should go." Flora suggested quietly. "I think it is really nice of her to try and get to an understanding with you rather than start screaming at you and blaming you for everything…"
Musa and Tecna nodded their agreement.
I thought it over quickly.
"You're all right. I think I should meet Princess Diaspro." I made my choice.
"Stella, would you go with me? No offense to the others, but you're the only Princess I know and…"
Stella held up a hand to stop me.
"Say no more, Bloom! Of course I'll go with you and help you prepare! I can make you look like a royal yourself, teach you how to walk like a royal, talk like a royal…"
"In three days?" Tecna raised a skeptical eyebrow.
"Of course!"
I chuckled, turning away from them and speaking my reply.
"Princess Diaspro, I do accept your gracious invitation and as for my invitee, I choose to bring my friend Stella, Crown Princess of Solaria. I will see you on Saturday.
Signed: Bloom."
A touch of my magic and the envelope was sealed and disappeared, probably making its way back to Diaspro.
I just hope I made the right choice there…

Fandom Monday: Fan Fiction- "Fly or Fall"

Hey Winx fans, today is Monday and you know what that means, another installment of our new Fandom Mondays. If you have a fan creation you want to see submitted to Winx 4 Life's Fandom Mondays please e-mail us over at with Fandom Mondays in the subject line.

This week we have another fan fiction in the limelight, "Fly or Fall".

Author: LoveLoveLovix
Title: "Fly or Fall"
Status: In-Progress
Type: Multi-Chaptered
Chapters: Currently, Eighteen
Rating: T
Summary: New fairies are popping up all over the Earth, and if there's one girl who knows how discovering your powers feels, it's Roxy. With some new friends, she sets off to find the brand new Earth fairies, she expects a vacation of sorts. However, that's thwarted with the appearance of new villains- the Apprentices of the Black Circle.

Fly or Fall
Prologue: Roxy's Story
So, after all the drama that happened in the summer I was sixteen, I was about to pack off and go to Alfea. On one hand, I knew that was the only way I would ever be able to become the girl... the fairy... I was truly meant to be. Maybe I would have stayed on Earth if I was still the princess of Tir Nan Og, but after Mom abdicated and gave the throne to Aunt Nebula, that kinda fell apart.

As I was ready to fly out to Magix with the Winx Club, my mother and another fairy- Lysis, if I remembered her name right- took me aside. "You could stay here," my mom said. She knew why I was going to Alfea, and approved of the reasons... but after fourteen years without her family, she was reluctant to let me go.

"Mom, I have to learn more about my powers. Bloom says all young fairies go to Alfea now. It's the best way for me to be the best fairy I can be."

"We could start a school here," she replied. "There's more than one college in the universe."

I gestured around at all the fairies. "All the fairies here have graduated. There's nobody but me who would attend a college on Earth. Mom, please. I have to do this. I have to!"

Lysis stepped up. She reminded me of Tecna, in personality at least. In appearance, she looked more like my mother, but younger. Long, dark hair fell onto her pale shoulders, which were mainly bare. She wore a white tank-top dress and white flip-flops, with a red sash around the dress. It gave off a very sterile appearance, for lack of a better word. Maybe I was biased... I knew Lysis was the fairy of science. "Roxy, that's what we're saying. Not all the fairies here on Earth are adults."

"Of course they are!" I said. "What happened to all this 'last fairy on Earth' business?"

"Everyone has potential to be a fairy," Lysis explained. "Now that the magic is back on Earth, many girls will be waking to their powers. Some will choose to study to become a fairy. Others will become witches. Plenty will just ignore their powers. And all of them will probably be scared out of their wits. Just like you were."

My mind was suddenly flooded with the thought of all the new fairies on Earth. People I went to school with. My online friends. Maybe even the awful Mitzi girl. It was a scary and thrilling idea. "How come I was able to keep my powers then? How come I wasn't all un-awakened like all the others?"

Lysis pursed her lips. "I don't know," she admitted. "But it could have something to do with who your mother was."

That did make some sense. "So... you want me to stay here so you can make an Earth fairy school?"

"Look at your Queen Mor... I mean, Miss Morgana for that one, Rox," the science fairy joked. "I'm proposing something different. Nebula's approved a team of us to locate, teach, and recruit girls who are discovering their powers. And we want you to help us. You're the closest to their age. The next closest is me, and I'm already twenty-four. That might be a bit too old for some girls."

"But I don't even know how to use my powers!" I objected. "I'd be more harm than good!"

Lysis frowned. "I don't believe that for an instant. Besides, Roxy, you're going to know more than any of the girls we pick up. And you've been through what they're going to go through. Please help us? Even if it's only for a year... then you can go to Alfea and study. And maybe you'll be going with some new friends."

From behind me, I could hear Bloom yelling my name, wondering if I was ready to go. I wasn't sure... and I didn't have much time to decide.

Since I didn't acknowledge that I had heard the older fairy, she came over to me. "Ready to head to Alfea, Roxy?" she asked kindly.

I turned to face her. "I... I don't know. I know I told Faragonda that I'd go, but Mom and Lysis and a bunch of other girls need me."

I explained the situation to her, and she nodded throughout, listening. Finally, she put her hand on my left breast, over my heart. "This is your most important lesson," she said. "A fairy always follows her heart. If you feel like you need to go to Alfea, then go. We all want you to. But if your heart is telling you to help these girls, to teach them to be fairies, then that's what you need to do. Faragonda, the Winx, and I will all understand."

I only paused for a minute before I smiled. "I'll be at Alfea next year. Tell Faragonda I'm sorry. But I have to do this."

My best friend nodded. "Okay," she agreed. "And Roxy... I'm so proud of you. Just know that."

She walked over to the other Winx girls, and smiled back at me before the six older fairies all took to the sky. They waved back at me, and I smiled... though I wondered if I had made the right choice or not.

As soon as they were out of sight, I turned to Lysis and my mom. "Okay," I said. "Where do we start?"

What to know what happens next, read the rest of Fly or Fall here.
WinxClubIT uploaded this video to their YouTube account, a Winx-style flash mod!

New Winx Club 2014 Calender for 2014 Pre-Order

Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble currently have a new 2014 Winx Club calendar up for pre-order on their sites (Amazon's price is cheaper at $10.19 compared to Barnes and Noble's $13.49). Even though we are not even half-way through with May and 2014 (year of the Winx) is still far off it would certainly be a great addition to any Winxie collection.

Images from

What is your thoughts on the new calendar, will you be pre-ordering or pick it up when it hits retailers?

Three, the Lucky Number

Today marks three years since Winx 4 Life was made, it has been an amazingly magical three years at that. Thank you all to everyone whom has read, followed, commented and more to the site; it is because of you that Winx 4 Life has been so successful.

To mark this celebration there are new features underway (YouTub account,  Fandom Monday and so on), as always what would you like to see added or changed here?

From Michael of Michael's Winx Club!

Fandom Monday: Fan Fiction, "How Bloom Became the Lead Singer"

Today kick starts our brand-new Fandom Mondays where Winx fans can submit fan fiction, fan art, fan videos and other fan creations. If you have or want one of your fan creations submitted to Fandom Mondays please e-mail us at with Fandom Monday in the subject. Please not that no mature context will be permitted and work must belong to you, the creator.

Author: Chibi Hoursewoman
Title: "How Bloom Became the Lead Singer"
Status: Complete
Type: One-Shot
Rating: K+
Summary: Did anyone besides myself watch the 4th season of Winx Club and wonder how Bloom became the lead singer in the band? Well this is my version of how it happened. Bloom fans sorry, it won't end well.

How Bloom Became the Lead Singer

Bloom and Musa were standing in Musa's room while Bloom was training her voice. Thanks to Musa's knowledge and spells the training was going quicker than expected however Bloom was still a long way from being lead singer material, especially when her friend and band mate was the fairy of music. But Bloom still had a plan to get past that. True it would be sneaky and underhanded and would most likely make Icy blanch from how devious the plan was but Bloom didn't care she just wanted to be the lead singer whatever the cost.

"Well Bloom, I have to say you're showing a lot of progress." Musa stated after Bloom had finished going through the scales for the two thousandth time today.

"Thanks Musa," Bloom replied testing the waters just in case she didn't have to put her plan into action.

"Yeah, keep on practicing and you'll be set to be the backup singer in no time."

Bloom gritted her teeth, she was nobody's backup singer. She'd stolen someone else's fiancé for Pete's sake plus she was a princess. There was no way she was going to be back up, even to Musa who was much more musically gifted than she was. That was it, she would now have to act.

"Uh Bloom? Is everything okay?" Musa asked sounding concerned.

"Of course." Bloom replied with a strained laugh. "Why do you ask?"

"Because you just growled after I told you you'll make a great backup singer"

"Oh yeah, about that whole backup singer thing."

"What about it?"

"Well I figured I was going to be the lead singer and you could do back up since you'd be so busy playing guitar and everything." Bloom stated as if they were discussing the weather.

"But Bloom, you only just started practicing. And besides everyone knows my voice is better than yours." Musa reasoned. "It's just not logical."

"Actually I think it's quite logical since I'm the head of the group. I should be the lead singer too."

"Bloom, be reasonable for once in your life. You cannot be the lead singer just because you want to be the lead singer."

Musa rubbed the bridge of her nose before proceeding. "To be honest when you sing it sounds like someone slammed the door on a cat's tail. Stella would be a better candidate than you."

Bloom stomped her foot as if she was a five year old being deprived dessert. "I could be the lead singer if you would let me."

"And why would I do that when starting the band was my idea and Jason's the one who discovered me?" Musa asked sounding a bit uneasy. She didn't like the tone of voice Bloom was using on her, or the sudden regression back into childhood.

"Because if you don't well…. You know how hard fire is to control sometimes." Bloom stated while forming a fireball in her left hand and giving Musa's flute a menacing look. "Such a dangerous element."

Musa's eyes widened into dark blue saucers, her friend of four years was threatening her. "Bloom! You wouldn't!" She gasped.

"Oh I would alright. I've become quite accustomed to getting what I want." Bloom stated with an evil grin. "In fact when I get back to Domino I just might demand a pony from my parents. So give me what I want, or the flute gets it."

Musa put her hands up in defeat. What could she do? That flute was one of the few things she had left of her mother and Bloom had a crazy look in her eye.

"Okay you can be the lead singer."

"Ooh thank you! I knew you'd say yes!" Bloom squealed giving Musa a hug.

'As if I had a choice' Musa thought to herself tentatively hugging Bloom back, it made her think of hugging a land mine.

"So what do you want me to do?" the music fairy asked sounding worried.

"Oh, nothing too big." Bloom said. "Just give me a voice better than yours so Jason won't question why I'm the lead singer."

"I don't think there's a spell for that." Musa replied.

"Yes there is silly," Bloom corrected pulling a piece of paper from her back pocket and handing it to Musa. "I found it last night."

"You mean you planned this?" Musa asked feeling both shocked and hurt.

"Yes, and if you tell anyone I'll make them believe that you didn't want me in the band in the first place."

Musa bit her tongue so she wouldn't be tempted to ask if she was dealing with Darcy or Diaspro instead of Bloom.

"Fine." Musa sighed. "Why do you want to do this anyway Bloom?"

"I haven't thought that far yet. So come on, let's do the spell."

Musa fought back the urge to beat Bloom senseless and run back to Magix with Riven. Forget Roxy, forget the Black Circle, forget the freaky animals they were selling at Love and Pet. Bloom could have them all. There was just one small problem, Bloom would probably hunt her down and burn all her musical instruments in a bonfire and roast marshmallows on them.

"Fine where do we start?" The blue haired fairy asked sounding defeated, not that Bloom noticed.

The next day at the Fruitti Music Bar

"I can't believe it, our first performance in public!" Stella squealed with a smile wide enough to crack her face. Musa wished she could feel as happy as her blonde friend.

"Musa, are you ready to go out there and show them what you can do?" Layla asked.

"Yeah Musa, let's go out and show this town what we're made of." Flora chimed in.

"Alright, but before we do, I have an announcement to make." Musa said standing in front of all her friends. She gave Bloom a pleading look which the red headed fairy prudently ignored.

"What is it?" Asked Tecna. "You're not pregnant are you?"

'If only I was." Musa thought to herself. 'With Brandon's child, even that would be easier to explain.'

"Well, I've decided that I would let Bloom be the lead singer when we do the songs since she's made such an improvement."

The other four girls' mouths formed perfect O's of shock.

"But… but even Mitzi sings better than her!" Layla finally protested. "Bloom sounds like Artu after he's eaten baked beans!"

"Not anymore." Bloom corrected smugly as she began to warm up for their first song, You're The One.

"Well, then I guess that decision is made." Tecna stated. "Even though it is a highly illogical one."

The other three girls nodded and before Musa could say another word, Roxy's father, Klaus came into the back.

"Are you girls ready?" he asked "Everyone's waiting for you girls to come on stage. Especially you Musa."

"Okay thank you Klaus." Musa replied shakily.

The sextet hurried onto the stage and Musa grabbed her microphone. "Before we start our concert, I have an announcement to make. Please welcome Bloom Peters, our new lead singer."

Bloom bounced around on the stage waving to everyone like a maniac while Musa and the others began the opening chords to 'You're The One' in front of a few hundred shocked people.

The End

Changes Underway


What is to come?

As I mentioned in a previous post, Winx 4 Life is going to be going through some major and minor renovations, this process has already started to take place.

-Pages Removed: As you might have noticed our "pages" feature is no more as Images, Fashion, Music and so on have been deleted.

-New YouTube account: That is right, Winx 4 Life is headed to YouTube. There you will be able to  watch your favorite clips from the series!

-New Graphics: Long over-due, no? I hope to have our new layout done before Wednesday, our third birthday.

-Product Reviews and Guide: Self-explanatory.

-Fandom Monday: Coming next week various fan creations from art to fiction will be featured.

-New Writers: Winx 4 Life is seeking a new writer or two. If interested please e-mail me at with your name, age, country and a sample article.

If you have a suggestion for something that should be done, added, ect. Please comment below.

Bloom and Aisha Happy Meal Toy Review

McDonalds is currently running Winx toys this month as their girl promotion! Be sure to stop by your local store and pick up your favorite fairy! For anyone who wants to know what Bloom (number one of the collection) and Aisha are like, check out this review!

Two Months Away

Hi everyone,

By now you probably are all but sure that Winx 4 Life is closed- history as the last post was made back in February and activity around here has been down since mid-fall of last year. But before you close this tab, I want to assure you again that Winx 4 Life is not closing. As of the past few months my personal life has been crazy  and stressful, thus preventing me from being here as I long to be. However things are coming to an end and stress is dying down and I am back- for good this time.

I will probably start doing major maintenance on the site, changing pages up, new layout, re-vamping our forum and potentially adding new writers to our family. Outside of that there are only a few more days left until Winx 4 Life's birthday! A very exciting festivity that I am currently unsure how to properly celebrate.

May will be a big month for Winx and Winx 4 Life as we reach the climax of "Beyond Believix", the American premier of Magical Adventure and much more. :)

Wal-Mart Winx In Store Event Going on Now


 As previous reported by Michael's Winx Club, and Just Another Crazy Winx Fan, today (technically yesterday as well) to Sunday select Wal-Mart stores are holding a very special Winx-tastic event known as the Winx Club Alfea College Event. Outside of the fandom and the official Facebook page, the popular magazine Girls' Life is also promoting this magical affair! 

Here is a flyer they have posted to help promote the event!

Be sure to visit Wal-Mart's website to see if your local Wal-Mart is partaking.  ^^

Will you be attending Winx Club's Alfea College Class of 2013 Orientation this weekend? And on a blog realted note, what would you like to see here at Winx 4 Life; more news, opinion centric articles, fan creations, ect.?

It has been over a month since any new posts have been published here at Winx 4 Life, I assume many might fall under the impression that the site is going under and closing. This is not the case.

I can not begin to apologize for my absents from the site over the past month, and my lack of activity since ruffly- September of the previous calender year. Things in my personal life have been crazy, and alas, does not appear to be a changing factor for who knows how long. I will spare the details. However I am not back and here to stay with new post coming up as the Toy Fair is only a few weeks away, new dolls and products coming out and part two of Beyond Believix headed our way.

Besides more posts and updates, I am working on planning a new layout (either disco or Harmonix, not too positive at the moment) that I hope to get up before long, and other ideas I am working on, after all come May Winx 4 Life is turning three! ^^

The best is yet to come!