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When browsing the official Winx Club site I seen they updated their season five page and added the following Winx-y goodies! Enjoy! ^^

Tecna's Transformations; Enchantix to Harmonix!


Season Five, Episode Six; "Fairy Harmony" Preview


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For anyone who may have missed this preview this past Sunday, here it is. Hard to believe that we are nearly six episodes into season five already, only seven more left! Looks like the Winx will be gaining the power of Harmonix this week!

Now that we are close to the middle of part one of season five, what are your thoughts of the season so far? What do you like and what don't you care for? Are you upset to see that the Believix is near the end of it's run and what new fairy transformation are you most looking forward to?

New Harmonix Image

Bloom! Magic Winx, Harmonix!

New Ads and Sirenix 2D Images

Credit to my fellow Winx-tastic bloggers for sighting theses new images as well as to each image's source of origin; Total Licensing and Wordscreen News. Enjoy! ^^
Don't forget, another new episode of Winx Club Beyond Believix airs tomorrow on Nick. Want a sneak peek? Then head over to and check out the photo album for Sunday's episode!

What do you think about 2D Sirenix? Nay, or yay? Sound off.

Tecna The Robot Preview


Winx Club Season 5:Return to Alfea! Sirenix Fairies! Preview Clip! HD!


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Whoa, Dafne was the last Sirenix fairy?!

What do you think of the clip and Dafne being the last Sirenix fairy? How is season five rating for you so far?

Winx Club Speciale Serie 5


Whole Lotta News

Hey guys, first off allow me to apologize for my lack of posts and getting behind on all of the news. With that said, let's just jump right in. Shall we?

Credit for everything goes to my fellow Winx Club bloggers who posted before.

-"The Lilo", last Sunday's debut season five episode is now posted on's  WInx page as well as a clip from this past Sunday's episode.Also for all the iTunes users you can download the first episode for free and get "The Spill" for $1.99 in SD or $2.99HD, in addition to season three and four's seasons being on discount. 

-As reported by OP from Una di Noi, it has been confirmed by Flora's Rai voice actor that the Cinelume dub is no longer. :(

-New images of the brand-new Harmonix dolls have surfaced on a Duch site, with the following information."Winx doll with super long hair to be infinite and brushing her creations. Use the magic brush and the wings move! Packed in beautiful window box."

Winx Harmonix!
-Lastly, both Nick and Rainbow have added new season five images! 

What did you think of "The Lilo" and "The Spill"? What are your overall thoughts on Beyond Believix so far? Also, what about saying farewell to the Rai dub, will you miss it?