Winx Club:Revenge Of The Trix Previews!

Here are two previews for the second Winx special. As uploaded by BelieveInWinx!

Unitix Club Rejoined! :) *UPDATE!*

Have you been waiting for the next chapter from the authors' of Winx 4 Life's fanic?  Well, you don't have to wait any longer, for there are two new chapters to the fic!  Take a look!

And if you haven't gotten to read it yet, check out the summary!

UPDATE: There are now three new action packed chapters! Be sure to review!

New Winx Game on Nick: World of Winx!

 Credit to BelieveInWinx.
Nick has a brand new Winx game; World of Winx! 

You can play as Bloom, Tecna (again with the "h"), Musa, Aisha, Stella and Flora.

Yep, I decided to play as Musa. Next, you can select Charmix (the pins and pouches are there!) or Enchantix.
 Lastly, the location. But for now the only option is Alfea.

New Winx Quiz on

On Nick's site there is now a Winx quiz! Which Winx Girl Are You?

There are a total of ten questions with six different answers you can decide from. After submitting your answers you find out what Winx fairy you are; Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna or Aisha.

Winx Club: Revenge Of The Trix! August 1st Monday 8/7c! NEW TV Spot! HD!

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Happy Birthday Stellabigfan!


Nickelodeon"EPIC Summer 2011"

As uploaded by NickelodeonNick2.

Nick has another "Epic Summer" Promo, this time showing a few clips from the (I am thinking) second Winx Special.

With the Winx back, I feel that it is safe to say this summer is indeed EPIC!

First Winx Special Hits iTunes and A Group Pic of The Voice Actors of the Winx Club Fairies

Sorry for the lack of news and not being on much lately, anyways we have some exciting news.

As seen on Michael's Winx Club, Nick has added the first Winx special to iTunes. You can buy it for $4.99 or rent (with renting you can only watch it once!) for $3.99. Note, it is put under the movie section of the site!

Also,last night Molly tweeted a group photo of her and rest of the VAs of the Winx Fairies!

Winx Club:Extended Mini Documentry! Plans For US,UK,Austrailia,Canada an...

Credit to BelieveInWinx