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Hey everyone i missed you but i'm back! And i have some news that you will be shocked to hear, it's about season 5...


3D Believix PNGs

Here are some new 3D  Believix PNGs by moi. :)

130 Reasons We Love Winx Day 10 - Angela

Reason #10: Fairies rock!
What had first attracted me to the show; Winx Club, was the fact that this was a cartoon about fairies.... a unique mythical creature that I have loved since I was little.  I think its awesome that there is a great show out there about such a neat fantasy creature; and I think it's great that Rainbow helped bring them into the spotlight since I really don't see shows or movies about fairies very often at all.  They really created some awesome characters with tres fabulous fairy-transformations!

130 Reasons We Love Winx Day 9-Ella

Reason #9- Dreams Come True
In many shows, movies, musicals/plays and books the theme of dreams coming true is nothing new. But as in the Winx the theme truly shines! As we see in season 1 Bloom's greatest dream is to become a fairy and from that day on she has been living her dream. Even though being a fairy is unrealistic, it shows that nothing is impossible when you truly believe in yourself-your dreams can come true. No matter what they are!

130 Reasons We Love Winx Day 8-Ella

Reason #8- The Winx Are Role Models!
For some the Winx are role models for some of us. There are many reasons why they could be their fashion, friendship, courage, bravery or the fact they always fallow their dreams and believe in themselves and in others. No matter how old you are we all must admit that we all in some way look up to the Winx. Even thought it is a show, they stand for a lot. They are in a way an extended part of ourselves, like one of my favorite quotes says: "There are multiple sides to all of us. Who we are-and who we might be if we follow our dreams"- Miley Cyrus from her book Miles To Go. She is right, and because of the Winx we are given the courage to follow our dreams! And fight for what we believe in!

130 Reasons We Love Winx Day 7 -Ella

Sorry for posting late.
Reason #7- The Romance
Typically in most shows that are targeted towards younger people (even though many teens and adults watch the show too! If only the company would realize that), we usually don't see the romance like we do in the Winx. And it has played a important role in each season and the movies. We see the ups and downs between the fairies and the heroes.

130 Reasons We Love Winx Day 6 - Angela

First off, I need to say SORRY for not posting yesterday - I totally forgot. >.<
Reason #6 - Unlike a lot of modern cartoonists, Mr. Straffi and the team did an excellent job on the artwork of the Winx Club.  Everything from the characters - to the buildings - to the animals, you can tell that a lot of work and effort was put into the show.  Not only is it enjoyable to watch a show with excellent artwork, but also awesome in the sense that the art has inspired so many fans to draw the characters and even make up their own.

130 Reasons We Love Winx Day 5- Ella


Reason #5- The Winx Have Brought People Together.
The biggest reason why I love Winx,is because it is so much more than just a show. The Winx have brought people together who wouldn't have meet other wise. It has allowed us to put what makes us different aside and has made things seem a lot less different.Despite the different customs, believes and walks of life, it has also given us a chance to learn how other people live. Seeing things from another point of view, that we may have never seen before. Made the world not as big as we all though it once was.
Never before I started my fanfic or even Winx 4 Life realized this. But now that I have it is truly amazing. Because of the Winx I have made friends with people all over the world. That other wise I would never have meet, I have made so many friends I don't think I can list them all (I could but it would be a very long list!). And I know that I have many more friends to make as the years will go by. Never have I seen so many people that connect so well over the same thing. It is nothing short of amazing.
No matter where you live the Winx have made some truly powerful magic, they have taken people who other wise wouldn't have anything in common and transformed them into a global community as well as one very large family. And for that we all owe them many thanks. Now that is the TRUE magic of the Winx Club! Thank You Winx, thank you so much!


Winx 4 Life Contest *Update*

Hay everyone we have decieded to extend out due date on the contest till Aug. 1!
Make Your Own Season 5 Contest! Here is what you need to do.
-Make up your own original Winx Season 5 transformation, including how it is earned.
-Bring it to life, draw it! You can draw as many Winx girls as you want- as long as it fits on one piece paper!
-Write a summary of what will happen in Season 5!
-Once your done email it to us at winx4life.blog@gmail.com and include your name, age and location (only opened to U.S and Canadian citizens)
-The contest begins today and will end of the Aug 1.

The winner will receive two magical Winx books! Hidden Secrets: a book from season 1 and a coloring book with sparkly temporary tattoos!
So come join the fun!

Winx has arrived on iTunes!

As seen on the popular Winx site Micheal's Winx Club- it has been announced that on the American and UK iTunes site we finally have Winx Club music! Now you can buy all the songs from the concert, season 4 and 3 singles from the first movie. But what is surprising is we have the season 4 soundtrack, but no season 4. Could this mean that the Winx will be flying on our TVs in season 4 soon? Or did they just put it up because they added it to the UK page? But all in all this is a big step to see some Winx on iTunes. I have been requesting that they add the show to iTunes forever, maybe they will add it soon. One thing is for sure, the Winx are back again and this time they are here to stay! Now I have to go download rest of the songs! I have a feeling that some of friends won't be happy, considering I will now be playing these songs all the time. Oh Well. Winx 4 Life!

130 Reasons We Love Winx Day 4 - Ella


Reason #4- The Music
Another one of the reasons I love Winx is the music. In all 4 seasons and two movies we have seen some great original music. In season 4 we got a lot of new music. The songs that we hear are for anyone; no matter where they are from or how old we are. A good song can turn a bad day into a good day. Music is a powerful thing. And on top of that they are very easy to get stuck in your head. The songs inspire us to reach for our dreams and never give up. If we had more music like that the world would be a better place. And that is a power of the Winx Club!

130 Reasons We Love Winx! Day 3-Stellabigfan

One of my fave things about Winx is all the friendship! Everyone needs a friend! Like all true friends, the Winx stick together no matter what, i think that's a big reason to love Winx!


I'm going to be gone for a while

As you may have noticed i haven't been on lately, well that's because i am moving, and i wont be on for a while(but i might be able to post things occasionally), sorry guys, ttyl (way later)


All Grown Up?

Looking at these images we can see how much the Winx have grown and changed from season 1 to their newest movie. Even thought they have been through alot together, you almost have to wounder, how much longer will it last? The first 3 seasons as well as the first and second movie where all based around Bloom and sometimes the other Winx girls. Then in season 4 we had another Bloomish season with Roxy(no offence, I love Roxy!). But after all that what can happen next? They have save Bloom's home and Earth, and now Bloom, Stella, Layla(it can be counted if Nabu comes back) are all getting married. Soon Tecna, Musa, Flora and perhaps Roxy will also reach that point. With them all getting older, you almost have to wounder who will take over next? As much as I hate to say it the Winx Club's days may be numbered, but their is always hope for a new group of fairies. As seen on fanfiction.net their are many stories that could easly become a spin off of Winx. Including mine the Lightix Club. But hopefully we will not have to say goodbye to our favortie fairies yet. But we can always hope for another spin off!

130 Reason We Love Winx! Day 2 - Angela

Hey guys!  Angela here.  Honestly, one of the top reason why I love Winx Club so much is the whole fashion theme.  In your typical cartoon, the characters wear the same outfits over... and over.... and over and occasionally wear a different one on a special occasion.  In Winx Club (especially season 4) they change outfits very often - sometimes every other episode!  Added to the large wardrobe is the fact that they are all very feminine and fun.  The outfits are what make the characters unique. ^_^

130 Resons We Love Winx! Day 1-Ella

Hay everyone one! Ella (Musicalyak) here! So here at Winx 4 Life we are going to do something special! In celebration of the upcoming Winx Movie Magical Adventure (that opens in 130 days!) we are going to celebrate by counting down the 130 reasons we love Winx. Each day Angela, stellabigfan and myself will be posting the reasons why we love Winx. But we also need you guys to tell us why you love Winx! So comment or email us!

Reason #1: Dreams Coming True.
All of us have a dream, from taking center stage by storm or writing the next great novel or even being a fairy (like Bloom). And in the Winx shows how if you believe in yourself and your dreams they can become real. Just ask any of the Winx ;)And who wouldn't want to fly with the Winx?
Look for more reasons why we love Winx!

Winx movie 2 : info

I've been looking for some answers about movie 2 and i found some interesting things about it (but i can't prove that what I'm about to say is true or are rumours).

1-The movie will be set in Domino/Sparks and Gardinia(That would explain the picture of them in Gardinia, but what about the pictures at them at Alfea?)
2-It will be out in English in 2011 in November
3-Roxy will only play a brief part in it and will not be one of the main characters

Remember i cannot prove that any of this is true or not so don't start believing it right away


Winx Magica Avventura Italian Trailier ^^

The first offical Winx Trailer. Notice the music is in english.

Happy Birthday Angela!


Today is Angela's Birthday. Happy Birthday!
And the fairy in the middle is Angela in Charmix form!

Make Your Own Winx Club Season 5 Contest!


Hay everyone! Tomorrow Winx 4 Life will be one mouth old! And we are going to celebrate with our first ever contest!
Make Your Own Season 5 Contest! Here is what you need to do.
-Make up your own original Winx Season 5 transformation, including how it is earned.
-Bring it to life, draw it! You can draw as many Winx girls as you want- as long as it fits on one piece paper!
-Write a summary of what will happen in Season 5!
-Once your done email it to us at winx4life.blog@gmail.com and include your name, age and location (only opened to U.S and Canadian citizens)
-The contest begins today and will end July 4.

The winner will receive two magical Winx books! Hidden Secrets: a book from season 1 and a coloring book with sparkly temporary tattoos!
So come join the fun!

Happy Summer and Happy Aaron Kelly Day


For many of us this has been the last official day of school. Even if you haven't finished school yet, let us here at Winx 4 Life be the first to wish you all a happy summer! If your going away on vacation or hanging around home, be safe and have fun!

On a non Winx note. Today there is also another reason to celebrate. For many of us who have watched the popular show American Idol. Know of the youngest contestant Aaron Kelly. A 17 year old from a small town in PA. Aaron rocked the house, but only made it to the final 5 :( But his story has inspired many. And because of that the House of PA decided to honor him with a day in his honor. So be like Aaron Kelly and always believe in yourself and your dreams!
And thank you Aaron, you have inspired so many people. Everyone is proud of you! I can't wait to hear more from you in the future! Best of luck!
So happy summer and Aaron Kelly day. From everyone here at Winx 4 Life

Winx Over The Years- Keep Voting!


Keep Voteing! Rember you can vote for your fave transformation and everyday form. For each of the 6 Winx!

More Winx Movie Images!


Thanks to Winx-Fashion for the images. The more news we get, the more exciting it becomes. But Beliviex at Alfea? Winx on Earth? Nabu? When does this movie take place? During or after season 4?

BIG TIME ROXY NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay when I seen this I ALMOST fell out of my seat. No joke check this out. As posted on http://www.licensing.biz/company-profiles/155/Rainbow-Spa

So Bloom, Stella and Roxy now. Not Bloom, Stella and Flora.Interesting. Roxy is now an offical Winx- all I have to say is FINALLY!!!!!!!!!1