Season Five Part Two Summary

In case you missed this Sunday's Winx Club holiday themed episode, the episode is viewable on, and also available for download on iTunes under Beyond Believix volume two. Under this new iteam a brand-new summary for the rest of season five has been posted:

"In the nail-biting, action-packed Season 5 culmination, evil ice dragons thwart Bloom's Christmas plans, the girls start a cleanup campaign on the beaches of Gardenia, Tritannus wreaks havoc on the plants and takes Daphne captive! Then Tritannus sends monsters to Gardenia to attack those involved in the beach cleanup, the Winx have to save the Selkies from Tritannus' Abyss Devourer before they get to the Pillers, the Singing Whales disappear from Melody, Icy's obsession with Tritannus threatens to destroy the Trix evil plans, the Winx Club try to keep the Piller of Balance out of Tritannus's hands, the Sovereign Council comes aboard to help save the Magic Dimention, the Winx are on a mission to protect a nymph's power, Bloom and Sky team up to lead the Sovereign Council in and epic battle against Tritannus before he can take the Emperor's Throne and the planet of Andros, and then...the world!"

Wow, long summary.

What is your opinion of the summary? What about the first half of season five?