December 5th-9th Episode Titles

Monday- "Facing the Enemy"
Tuesday-"A Journey to Lynphea"
Wensday-"Tecna's Sacrifice"
Friday- "Dragon Quest"

New Season 5 Image

Credit to WinxClub4Ever

Winx 4 Life's New Forum

Winx 4 Life has a new forum, it is still new so their isn't much there yet. But be sure to sign-up! Here is the link

Dress up the Winx on!

I haven't yet seen a post about this, but has recently come out with a Dress Up game, featuring the one and only Winx Club!  Not only them though.. they have clothes, hair, eyes etc.. for both the Trix - as well as the Specialists.  It's a pretty neat little game, with pretty much all of the Winx's hairstyles (from casual, to Enchantix to Believix!), quite a selection of outfits, and lots of eyes and mouth variations so you can give your Winx girls' look more personality.  Here are some screenshots of me having fun with this game ;)

So yeah, be sure to check it out. :) I'm pretty elated that Nick is expanding the Winx section on their site.  Also new (at least new to me) is the Winx 101, with random little facts about characters from the show.  Here's the link to that.. On this section of the site, you can learn anything from who Daphne is, to (for the newbies ;)) who Bloom is.  Seems a nifty little part of the site for all the new-comers of the show.

So yeah, keep your eyes peeled, Winx fans!  Nick is bringing Winx to the 'net! :)

New layout time

The Rainy Days of spring and summer are now long behind us as we began to experience the next season; winter. Seeing as how we have had our previous layout since May, it was time for a new one. Here is our Winter Magix layout.

I still have to make new buttons and such. Also "Letters to Winx" has been deleted.

What do you think of the new look?

Winx Season 3 Begins Airing Today

Starting today on Nick at 3/2c Winx season three starts to air every weekday, kicking off the season is episode one, "The Perfect Dress". Make sure not to miss it!

English Winx FanZine Issue #9- Hallowinx Edition

Here is the newest issue of the English Winx Club Fanzine!

MORE S5 episode names

This just in ever more season 5  episode name are now out via IMDB!

Episode 7- The Magical Union
Episode 8- The Sirenix Song
Episode 12- The Domino Ceremony
Episode 13- Crossing the Sirenix Gate
Episode 14- The Pillar of Light
Episode 16- The Sun Shines Again
Episode 17- Fairies' Inspring Eye
Episode 18- The Selkies Devouer
Episode 19- The Singing Whales
Episode 20- Love Problems

Two more S5 episode names and possible name of transformation *UPDATED*

This new information comes from us IMDB, (which has been confirmed to be a correct source for news.) and BelieveInWinx.

Winx's page has been updated with two new episode titles.

Episode 8- The Sirenix Song
Episode 13- Crossing the Sirenix Gate

So far IMDB hasn't let us down, but what do you think? Could our new transformation be Sirenix?

Sirenix is now officially the next transformation!

What spin-off would you like?

Over the past four seasons we have seen the Winx travel to different realms, and make new friends and villains.

Rainbow has already created a world for the Winx and our pixie friends, but what about the other minor and secondary characters we have met?

Rainbow has created some great characters if given a chance to shine they surely would. Here are just a few examples.

-The Specialist: Even though we have seen RF from time to time in the series, it has never played a major role in the series as well as the Specialist we know. A series could focus on Sky and his friends (if not another group) as they enroll in the school and their magical adventures.

-Cloud Tower: Cloud Tower presents another case similar to the one I have given for the Specialist.

-Mirta: How can we forget the witch turned fairy who befriended Bloom in season one when the Trix where setting her up. Whatever happened to her after that first season? The transition from CT to Alfea most likely wasn't a easy one. But perhaps amusing, nevertheless it would make for an interesting spin-off if not a short series.

 -The Earth Fairies: When we left them in season four people of Earth where just starting to believe in magic again. The Winx's Earth bound mission maybe over, but the Earth fairies still have to bring the magic back to Earth.

On top of the few I listed there are hundreds more ideas and with season five coming more ideas will come as well. The world of the Winx is a large and magical one filled with exciting characters and places that still have more that could be discovered, so here is my question to you. If you could pick any character(s) or world to set a spin-off what would you chooses? What adventures would you wish to see come alive? What spin-off would you like to see next?

Winx Club:Season 3:Official NEW Trailer! November 14th! 3/2c! HD!

Winx Club Season 3 Preview!

Winx Club season three has been pushed back to the 14th. Even though we now have a bit longer of a wait, iTunes and Nick have given us Winx fans a four and half minute preview of the first episode on iTunes. For anyone who can't access the store or doesn't have iTunes here is the preview.

What do you think so far of season three? Will you be watching on the 14th?

Winx Club's first special is Movie Rental of the Week...

Now for one week only you can rent the first Winx Club special for 99 cents on iTunes.