Secret of the Lost Kingdom Gets Relase Date

It's now official, the first Winx Club movie will be coming out on DVD on August 7th. A tweet from NickelodeonDVD confirms what has already been posted on various online shopping sites.

Besides the feature film the DVD includes seven bonus episodes from the series and probably additional Winx-tastic features!

Will you be pre-ordering the DVD or perhaps hitting your favorite store on the 7th? What bonus features do you hope to see on the back of the DVD?

New Winx Episodes Tomorrow, and What Would You Do?

Tomorrow (Sunday May 20th) two more episodes from Winx Club season two air, ("Orgon's Spell" and "A Fairy Found"). If you have already seen season four you will recall that in "A Fairy Found" both the Winx and the Wizards find the last fairy of Earth- Roxy.

Upon receiving the news from the Winx that she is the last fairy of Earth, and Roxy has a bit of a ...strong reaction.

Which leads me to this question; how would you react if you found out you where a fairy? Would it be similar to Roxy's, or would it be the opposite?

On a side note; 's game, Winx Club: Dress Me Up! now has re-added Roxy's hair as well as her Believix outfit and city girl attire.

Winx Club Casting Call

As already posted on Winx-Fairies Nick is going to have a casting call on June 1st in Orlando Florida for actors to portray Bloom, Stella and Aisha for meet and greets. So if you live around Orlando, are eighteen , are between 5' 5" and 5' 7" and are pursing acting this may be something worth checking out. To sign up and for more information check out (Yes, that is actually their site address).

Sigh, if I was only a year older and a few inches taller....

Anywho, if you where eighteen years old, in the height requirement and had the chance to audition, would you? And what character would you want to be?

Check out Bloom's full Harmonix!

Image credit to BelieveInWinx and  GermanWinxNews

What are your thoughts on Bloom's full Harmonix fairy form?

Winx 4 Life Turns Two!

I have to ask, where in Magix did all the time go? It is so hard to believe that not only May is here but that Winx 4 Life has turned two years old.

Needless to say, this past year has been yet another wonderful one filled with lots of magic. And a major year in Winx-istory as Winx enchanted the hearts of many with their specials, season three and Secret of the Lost Kingdom.

But of course there is still a ton of magic heading our way as we start to count down to the world premier of season five.

Yet again I want to thank everyone for their support. Thank you guys so much! Be join us with the latest news as the Winx Club's legacy continues.

What do you want to see here at Winx 4 Life, or don't want to see? What changes do you think we need to make?

Winx Graphic Novel 1 Preview

As you may recall a while back Winx Club graphic novels where spotted on sites like as well as Previews with a release date of July 5th.

Typically with comics and graphic novels the reader gets a preview ruffly a week before it hits stands, however when searching the net I found School Library Journal who have posted the first few pages of the comic. 

If you read the Winx comics then you might quickly recognize this as issue two- The Secret of Alfea.

 What are your thoughts on the preview as well as the graphic novel series?

Harmonix dolls.

Image credit to. DevaintARTist fantazyme

Season five is not that far away and we now have our first look at one of the brand-new transformations the Winx fairies will achieve in the upcoming season, Harmonix. If you take a close look at Bloom, Stella and Flora you will notice their doll outfits have been used as promo art. Orginally it was believed that it was to be Sirenix, but it appers it is not.

Personally I want to get a better look at the animated version of this and learn more about the transformation before I make my assumptions. But if Roxy isn't going to join the Winx in this new mission, then why is Aisha's outfit still blue and not green?

What do you think of Harmonix, what are your predictions for this all new transformation? Also don't forget this Sunday season four airs on Nick at 12/1c, be sure to tune in. :)