Ratings: What Would You Do?


Looks like the Winx might have an idea to get ratings up...

 It has been no secret that, as of late, the ratings for Winx Club have been less than stellar. After skipping a week (the given reason the low ratings, of course), announcing a re-airing of Secret of the Lost Kingdom,  and latest switching the movie out for a brand-new episode of season five; last weekend's episode, "Secret of the Ruby Reef" earned 1.500M in ratings.

Even though the ratings are in a similar area to the Winx's fellow Nick shows, the ratings still aren't great.

I will be the first to admit that I don't pay much mind to ratings typically, but after seeing the Winx's airings effected due to the numbers it soon becomes worrisome.

However there are some factors that needs to be considered: the time slot (one of the biggest issues the series faces, being aired at one (formerly noon) on Sundays often make it hard for fans who have other commitments to tune in. Plus it is a bit awkward.), DVRing, iTunes and other on-demand viewing, and

What would you do, or change to help get Winx's ratings up? What do you believe to be the main reason for the series' current ratings?

Toys R Us' New Winx Pallet!

Photo from my camera
New Winx Club pallet at Toys R Us! The other side is the same as the one shown and filled with tons of Beleievix dolls (mainly Bloom, Stella, Flora and Aisha. No Tecna or Musas :( .) and cute dress-up dresses!

Clips and Icy Sirenix

Credit goes for the videos goes to MagixJourney and BelieveInWinx, and everyone else who posted before.

Oh, Krystal... any who, what is your opinion of this Sunday's preview and the Winx first brand-new transformation of the season, Harmonix? Let's not forget Icy, what are you thoughts on her Sirenix?

New Season Five Time Change

From facebook! Please spread the word!

New Nick Ad; feat. Winx

Credit: Michael's Winx Club

New Winx Club Items on Kmart.com

When randomly searching K-Mart's website for Winx merchandise, I found that two new products had been posted, a t-shirt and glove set!  Both of can be currently purchased online!


What do you want to see Winx-ed next?