Coming Soon, Promo Work

Credit to OP from Una di Noi for posting about this first!

Molly Quinn facebooked, this Thursday, the following.

"I think all the voices are going to be great. In a couple of Saturdays we are supposed to get together for some promo work. I will try and get more info and some pictures for everybody then."

Like OP said, the promo work could be many things; press pics, a table read, or maybe a ad for the show, who knows. But this will answer everyone's burring questions about who is voicing who. 

So be sure to keep an eye on her facebook page as well the site for more news about the big cast reveal and everything Winx!

Happy Easter


Happy Easter everyone, and if you don't celebrate, then happy Sunday!

Molly Quinn Tweets Winx!


Look familiar to anyone? Looks like they are working on season 3! Anyways, if you have twitter and aren't already following Molly be sure to!  Now we have more reason to count down the days till June!

Nickelodeon Germany Trailer


As of today our favorite fairies have returned to Germany! Things are looking well for the Winx! On top of the news that Nick's site is starting to show signs of the Winx! Credit to BelievIXComeOn!

But don't worry Winx fans, Winx will back to the rest of the world soon

PopPixie Joins Winx Club On Nick


Channel secures broadcast rights for a host of territories.
Rainbow's girl-focused show PopPixie has been picked up by Nickelodeon.
The network is set to broadcast episodes across the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Eastern Europe, CIS and Africa.
"We are extremely pleased to enter such a broad deal with Nickelodeon for PopPixie, as they really are the ideal broadcasting partner for this kind of property," said Iginio Straffi, CEO and founder of Rainbow. "We feel very confident that the success of PopPixie has achieved so far, both in TV ratings and licensing will be even greater with this multi-
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territory deal."
PopPixie is aimed at four to ten year-old girls, with the characters first introduced as part of the Winx Club series in 2007.
In addition to the Nickelodeon deal, the show has also been sold to Italy, France, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Turkey and Israel among other territories.

Winx Club, Magical Adventure in Germany.

         Germany will soon be airing the new Winx Club movie in theaters! The release date is May 5, and not only will the movie just be coming out - but they will be having a drawing as well, with a chance to win two tickets to the movie, a friendship book, a puzzle ball, or a Nintendo DS game - Rockstars!  So, if you live in Germany - boy, are you in luck! :D

         It makes me wonder if the USA will have fun contests like this - or even release the movie in theaters!  That would be pretty epic. :)


Nickelodeon/Rai Winx Club official season 4 trailer.

It's basicly the same as the Rai Trailer, I couldn't find any differences (Then again it's been so long since I watched the Rai Trailer) but here you go anyway. Credit to BelieveinWinx

English Magic Adventure music on Amazon!!

Amazon now has the songs to Magical Adventure up for sale!!  $8.99 for the whole album (11 songs), or 99 cents each.  Here's the song list!

1.A Magical World of Wonder
3.Good Girls, Bad Girls
5.Don't Wake Me Up
6.Famous Girls
7.Super Girls
8.Love Can't be Denied
10.Big Boy
11.Love is a Miracle

Valtor voice actor revealed!

Credit to OP from Una Di Noi for posting this first! So according to this tweet...Photobucket Valtor will be voiced by Josh Keaton! I don't know his voice but for some reason his picture makes me think his voice is perfect for Valtor :P

Nickelodeon 1+2 and 3 season official Winx trailers!

Winx Club: Official Nickelodeon Launch Trailer! SNEAK PEAK! [June 2011!]


Molly Quinn Answers Fan Question

Credit to Michael for posting about this first!

On a side note, you can now follow Winx 4 Life via email. Also I have added a blog list with other Winx sites listed, along with the news updates. If there is a site I am missing, please let me know!

Russia’s CTC Buys More ‘Winx Club,’ ‘PopPixie’

We have even more news about the Winx future!From Animation Magazine Source

The fairies of Winx Club are becoming more popular every day in Russia, leading to a major new deal between the series’ owners at Rainbow and broadcaster CTC.
The deal builds on the show’s long-term ratings success in Russia, where it is the most popular girls property, and will see the broadcaster add the fifth season of the series and four brand-new TV movies to its roster. CTC retains the rights to seasons 1-4 of Winx Club, which have been extremely popular in Russia since its debut in 2008.
The fifth sereis of Winx Club consists of 26 24-minute episodes. Series five and the four TV movies are co-productions between Rainbow and Nickelodeon. CTC will air the brand new Winx Club TV movies this fall 2011 followed by a rerun of series 3 and 4. They will then will air Winx Club 3D Magical Adventure in January 2012 followed by a rerun of series 1-4 in the lead up to the much awaited broadcast of series 5 in fall 2012.
CTC also purchased PopPixie (52 x 13 mins.), Rainbow’s latest animated comedy series, and will debut it in the fall. PopPixie is an animated comedy for 4-10 year olds which takes place in Pixieville, a fantastical dimension where gnomes and magical animals live happily together with endlessly entertaining Pixies. But the peace and tranquility are often upset by rabble-rousing Elves, naughty kids always on the lookout for a little trouble and harmless fun. First introduced in 2007 in Winx Club series two. the Pixies achieved impressive licensing results, prompting Rainbow to give the characters their own TV show.

Welcome to the club, Molly!

I made this pic of Molly and Bloom.