What Will Nick Do? And What Would You Do?

Hey everyone!

Each day we are getting that much closer to the return of Winx Club! And the new agenda for season 5 has already been made by Rainbow and Nick. So it's getting closer to that big-big-big-big day! (Sorry, I'm basically quoting Big Time Rush lyrics!).

The partnership has only be reviled to us for a few mouths now and we are slowly starting to see some changes. Rainbow and Nick are both much more talked about and the concept of reaching the American audience has come up more time than I can count (Does Rainbow realize that they already DO have American fans and the Winx have HAVE reached their hearts? Sorry, I couldn't help but to point that out because a lot of my friends and myself ARE American Winx fans).

We have also seen the two companies play tag team at the Branding Licensing Europe Event last mouth. There Winx was both at Rainbow's suite but also at Nick's with Big Time Rush and Victorious.

Then the unfortunate news of the Winx YouTube King Bajogate having to remove all of his amazing Winx Club and Pop Pixie YouTube videos. It seems as if we can guess that this may ber there way of saying that the Winx will be here very soon. But it is still a major loss.

As we have heard before Nick is planning on make 'movies' for seasons 1-3 that will be 3 or 4 hours long rather than showing all 26 episodes that are in each season.

Needless to say odds are a lot of the parts that us as older fans who had originally seen the episodes will disappear.

The question I would like to ask all of you is this; what would you cut out of the seasons? What would you add or remove from the show if given the chance to do so? Share your thoughts in a comment, I want to know what you all think!


Flora said...

Put in more love towards Flora and Helia and a little less with Bloom and Stella maybe :) Just a suggestion

Sweet and Sour Forever said...

I will leave it the same but take out all the bloopers.

Sweet and Sour Forever said...

OMG OMG I've got some bad news from the official site
Bad News:
Here's what it says
"Hi Everyone,

I have a piece of sad news to share with everyone.

Gardenia Park is closing down soon, at the end of October.

We have prepared Winx Adventure, a new online game, which aims to give all of you a much better experience and fun factor. In Winx Adventure you can decorate your personal room, teleport to everywhere on the map, and at the same time, make many friends and chat with them.

Do not worry, we will be refunding back WX for all the clothes you have bought and also the Egg that have hatched into your pet.

Please spend the rest of the time to leave beautiful memories in Gardenia Park and remember to keep in contact with all your friends.

PS: We share the same sadness and disappointment with all of you.

The Winx Club Staff"
So Gardenia Park will be closing soon.

Kae Lily said...

I wouldn't change anything, except try to fix as many of the errors as I could. But of course, errors are to be expected because nobody's perfect.

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