Mixed Signals!

Once again our friends over at Believe In Winx have once again recived word from Rainbow.

Their post is as followed:

"Hi Everyone, 
So I got and email from a Rainbow Publicist and apparenty Keisha might not even be a charator...
The Rainbow publicist said that she is trying to find out info about this mysteroius charator , but she has no news yet! 
She said that it might  just have been a misspelling ...But she's not completely sure beacuse of no evidence. 

We'll just have to wait a little bit more to find out more about this person. Winx Club is coming out this year!"

Okay, with that being said, does anyone else feel like we are getting mixed signals? So, as of now it is still anyone's guess of whom Keisha really is. Mamma Mia, the head games contune!

But on thing is for sure Believe In Winx is becoming  the biggest source for all things Rainbow/Nick!


Flora said...

Yea,I feel we've been getting mixed signals too

Sweet and Sour Forever said...

I feel the same too anyways good job BeliveinWinx.

Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel said...

You know what would have been better? If the writers at Believe in Winx had posted what the publicist had officially said, instead of paraphrasing it into their own words.

Secondly, "Rainbow Publicist"? What? Who exactly did they send the message to in the company?

And third, what about sending a mesage to Nickelodeon, seeing as they are the ones who published the news?

Stellabigfan said...

I'm so confused! I agree we are definetly getting mixed signals!

Ella said...

I know, there are a lot of unanswered questions, thus sending well, mixed signals. I am looking for an email or way to contact Nick and once I have I will ask them about this. And hoping I get a reply I will post about it ASAP, it's time for this head game to end.

Kica said...

you know what i dont care anymore let them do what ever they want im gonna wait

Hera said...

I don't believe this person.

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