Songs from Winx Club - The 3D Movie

Well, I happened to be browsing today, and ran across the Turkish songs from the new 3D Movie!  You can buy each one for 99 cents, or the whole album for $8.91.  By going to Amazon, you can listen to samples of the songs - and in my opinion, they sound really cool.  Here is the song list (with English translations using the amazing Google Translate ;))

1. Harikalar Diyari(Wonderland)
2. Süper Kizlar(Super Girls)
3. Kir Zincirini(Dirt Chain)
4. Iyiler, Kötüler (Good Guys, Bad Guys)*
5. Cool Çocuk(Cool Kids)
6. Ask Bir Mucize (Ask for a Miracle)
7. Asktan Kaçilmaz(Love Kaçilmaz)
8. Uyandirma (Wake Up)
9. Her Zaman(Every Time)

*A big thanks to Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel for this translation.


Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel said...

It roughly means "Good Guys, Bad Guys." I got some help from the WordReference forum.

Angela said...

Thanks, Kiku! I updated the info with credit to you ^^

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