What Is Roxy's Role?

Normally, I don't write a lot of option articles, but it is something I am going to start to do more of.

Ever since May 21st (during Victorious the first ad was shown), Nick has been advertising the Winx's one hour specials. All of the ads both online and on TV, the games and even the opening we have seen the Beliviex used.

 Even though we are two days away from the airing of the third Winx special, season four is going to be here before we know it.  But Roxy hasn't been seen or talked about, nor has a voice actor been announced like other characters in Winx.

I know there has been much debated in the fandom of is Roxy is a Winx or if she isn't. There are numerous reasons why one may or may not think she is indeed a Winx, but season four was mainly about Roxy. It was because of her the Winx achieved their Beliviex, among other things.

So, yet again the question arises; is Roxy a Winx and what role will she play not only in Nick's dub, but season five? What do you think the future holds for our resident animal fairy? What is Roxy's role?


Winx Club fan said...

I love Roxy so I count her has a Winx club Girl and she is a Winx in the comics

Anonymous said...

I'd say she is a Winx, definitely. She was in the entirety of season 4, and she's been in the magazines for about 30 issues now. She had a full transformation (which form it was is a whole other debate entirely), and was in nearly every episode of season 4.

You can't compare her to a background character like Mirta. Mirta was a side-plot main character for only a few episodes.

Shayna said...

I'm not worried about her in the Nick dub, because it's going to be almost identical to the original Italian.

laylaenchantix said...

I agree with shayna. if she isnt counted as a winx, then i got another reason to destroy nick :/

AnnabethxPercy said...

Layla destory nick , there would be no more avatar the last airbender and we both know i would kill you for that . :P

Anonymous said...

Anna, I know this is off topic but The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra is due out sometime next year.

laylaenchantix said...

....that's not what she was talking about.

caringcarrie said...

I love Roxy but I hate that she only has a minor role in season 5!!! Hopefully she'll have a bigger role in season 6. Fingers crossed!

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