Season Five: What Will Happen Next?

Over the past eight years Winx fans have followed the adventures and lives of six teenage fairies; Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha, as they discovered themselves, trained their powers, dealt with everyday issues that each and everyone of out there either has dealt with or is current going through ,  aided Bloom in her journey to become a full fairy and save her realm and more recently restored the belief in magic to the people of Earth.

Tomorrow here in the United States we reach the half-way mark on season four as we watch Roxy's story starting to draw to a close one can't help but to feel excited for the brand new Winx mission that is only a few months away. But what will happen in season five? Bloom has already completed her destiny, Roxy has discovered her trueself and Earth's magic has been restored, what could possibly be next for the fairies?

The answer to that my friends is currently unknown. At least for now it is.

Besides, of course there is going to be an fiftieth addition to the Winx's legacy we honestly know very little about what our favorite fairies are in for. To recap here is what is known.

-The Winx will earn two new transformations: Harmonix (pre-Sirenix) and Sirenix (allows them to use their powers underwater.

-The Winx will face a new enemy,Tritannus.

-We can expect to see the Trix returning, yet their role hasn't been confirmed of whether or not they will team up with Tritannus or not (most likely so).

-Lastly Roxy will appear in season five, but will not be part of the main cast. 

As the summer heats up and the countdown begins more information will most likely be announced. In the meantime we can all enjoy watching or re-watching season four and snaging new Winx books, comics and other goodies! :D

What do you think Harmonix is? What will the Winx need to do to unlock their newest transformation and what new abilities will they gain?


Kaye Jah said...

"-Lastly Roxy will appear in season five, but will not be part of the main cast."

I must be late to the party. Where/When was this stated?

Anonymous said...

Hey where did you get all of this info? But id have to agree with everything, except by now maybe the trix will do this season on their own, especially after all the other seasons with them. ;)

Ella said...

Everything has been mentioned above has been confirmed and posted on the site.

Kaye Jah said...

This site, Ella, or the Winx site?

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