Winx Club Season 5:Return to Alfea! Sirenix Fairies! Preview Clip! HD!


Uploaded by MagixJourney.

Whoa, Dafne was the last Sirenix fairy?!

What do you think of the clip and Dafne being the last Sirenix fairy? How is season five rating for you so far?


GuardianOfEarth said...

Well, Daphne's bound place is at the bottom of a freaking lake, so it's make sense that she is a Sirenix

Cynthia said...

Wow! It was surprising, yet it made sense.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it does make sense. What also makes sense now is why they actually NEED Sirenix so much. And I'm glad Dafne's back. :)

Anonymous said...

But talk about the corny dialogue. Do they have to say their names and powers EVERY time that they transform? I mean please, if we don't know who they are by now, what's the point?

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