Two Months Away

Hi everyone,

By now you probably are all but sure that Winx 4 Life is closed- history as the last post was made back in February and activity around here has been down since mid-fall of last year. But before you close this tab, I want to assure you again that Winx 4 Life is not closing. As of the past few months my personal life has been crazy  and stressful, thus preventing me from being here as I long to be. However things are coming to an end and stress is dying down and I am back- for good this time.

I will probably start doing major maintenance on the site, changing pages up, new layout, re-vamping our forum and potentially adding new writers to our family. Outside of that there are only a few more days left until Winx 4 Life's birthday! A very exciting festivity that I am currently unsure how to properly celebrate.

May will be a big month for Winx and Winx 4 Life as we reach the climax of "Beyond Believix", the American premier of Magical Adventure and much more. :)


Cynthia said...

I never gave up hope in this blog, so I am so glad to see you post again. :)I completely understand how crazy and stressful times can set you back like that. (I've been through plenty myself, but always managed to pull through.)I wish you the best of luck in getting this blog back up and running again. I look forward to reading and commenting on new posts! ^-^

Anonymous said...

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Ella said...

Thanks Cythia!

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