New Winx Club 2014 Calender for 2014 Pre-Order

Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble currently have a new 2014 Winx Club calendar up for pre-order on their sites (Amazon's price is cheaper at $10.19 compared to Barnes and Noble's $13.49). Even though we are not even half-way through with May and 2014 (year of the Winx) is still far off it would certainly be a great addition to any Winxie collection.

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What is your thoughts on the new calendar, will you be pre-ordering or pick it up when it hits retailers?


Cynthia said...

Cool! <3 I will be pre-ordering this and hanging it up in my bedroom in no time! (Well, I'll have to wait till 2014, but you get the idea.)XD

Ella said...

Yeah I know what you mean, it is really cute!

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