A Chapter Ends

It has been a year today since my last blog post, if it was not apparent the site has fallen from the place it once was. I have, in my mind, ran though what I wanted to say for this post more times then perhaps I even am willing to admit to myself. But alas, no matter what nothing fits effortless.

There is no easy way to say this, nor any reason to drag things out any longer than necessary- as of now Winx 4 Life is officially closed. 

For anyone whom longed for the day I would re-boot this web-site I am sorry. But I just no longer have it in my to write about Winx as I once did. The magic- it is just gone. Vanished without a trace.

If I was able to go back and do everything over again, I would hands down. I have learn so much, grown, discovered things and most importantly been able to meet some amazing people who I am so lucky to count as my friends. So thank-you, Angie, Lulu- both of you are amazing and I am honored we where not only able to run this site but become friends. To all my other friends and fellow bloggers thank-you as well, and of course, thank-you to all who have read, commented and followed.
It means a lot.

Even though I am offically marking a end, I will still be here. And I will never forget any of this.

Not a good-bye,



Stellabigfan said...


No Ella! Don't say that! :(

Anonymous said...

As cheesy as this sounds, I'm quite grateful for this website, seeing as I probably wouldn't have met all of you guys (technically, I have Angela's Winx World to thank as well). While I'll miss this place, I have to respect your choice. I do hope that we still stay in touch, though.

Thanks for everything, Ella. Again, this is really cheesy, but I'm glad we met.

Ella Anders said...

Stellabigfan- Sadly the time has come, but we have great memories and life-long friends. We will never forget.

Layla- Thanks, this is not a true end. Simply a chapter closing to make way for another. Always will be around.

Anonymous said...
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xtessa1 said...

That's not true. The Magic is not gone in Winx Club!
Please stay positive. I think their is just hope for Winx Club, now Nick is gone

JWinxClub4Ever said...

Hey Ella! Its me from JWinxClub4Ever lol just watned to say i hear you and totally understand you! And to girl/guy that posted before me, she meant the magic from her is gone, and i totally undestand, i just somehow stopped writting, stoped watching, its not like i didn't have the time, i won't lie, i just used that free time (from styding and other things) to hang out with family,cat,friends,watch some series and stuff lol So yeah i understand you Ella. I just wanted to see the Winx Blog sitution, and many other blogs are down too, like Winx Fairies, BelieveinWinx, i was sad kinda, better nostalgic to say, but life goes on, we need to give our 'job' to some other teens to do... All best for the Holidays season to Angie and you of course! xo -J

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