A New 'For Life' Site- (Let's Get Dangerous! Again)

Hey everyone! Happy day-before-Christmas-Eve-For-Anyone-Whom-Celebrates-The-Holiday!

Winx 4 Life is now not the only 4 Life site now. I am proud to announce my new site is officially opened. Please welcome Darkwing Duck For Life!

As I say in my opening post, I am a huge fan of the show. For Life to be more clear.

I know a lot of you may or may not know the 'dark knight' but let me tell you it is an truly amazing show, full of action, adventure, laughs, heart. So if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to do so. You willn't regret it, it's great!

I also have a news blog made (here on blogger) for it, where updates regarding the BOOM! comics and such will be posted, it also has a live chat box.

So be sure to stop by and tell me what you think! I am so glad I am able to share my love of the show with everyone! And also a huge thanks to everyone over at BOOM! for bring the show back in comic form!

As Darkwing himself would say about now, 'Let's Get Dangerous!'


Anonymous said...

First of all, you made a couple of typos. :)

Secondly, why is it "for life" instead of "4 life"?

Looks great! Good luck with the new site!

Anonymous said...

Oh, never mind about the second question, just read your FAQ. oops. :)

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