2010, A Magical Year For The Winx!

I know that there still are about 18 days remain in 2010. However they will go by faster than you can say "Winx Beliviex! with all of the holiday festivities upon us.

So I really wanted a chance to remember what an amazing year 2010 has been before we get in the full Holiday spirit of this winter.

This year we have gotten quite a bit of amazing Winx news! Even though at times there wasn't much to report because season 4 had ended in 2009. But we did get some great things from Winx's official web site!  During the summer we learned that Rainbow was working on a season 5 with 'contuing the adventures of the seven Winx fairies'.

Possibly the biggest news of the year had to have been when Rainbow and Nick teaming up , this brough a lot of hope and joy to Winx fans all over the world. Even though there where/are mixed reactions it was huge. And this coming year we will finally see the Winx return with new voices!

In October the long a waited Winx Club Magical Adventure was realised overseas.

Plus there was a lot more, but not only did we have Winx news to celebrate over this year also marked a few mile stones for Winx 4 Life and some of our friends' and their web sites. Many amazing Winx fans celebrated birthdays for their amazing sites.

Overall 2010 had been a very good year for Winx and winx fans, I can only hope that 2011 will as amazing as 2010 was.


starlightdreamer said...

You are right, this has been a magical year for the Winx! By the way your site rocks!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Winx to air on Nick!

shinningspotlight said...

I really can't wait for 2011, that means season 5 news!

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