The Offical English Version of "World of Wonder"

As orginally post on Michael's Winx Club and uploaded by YouTube user VlamDraak


We now have an official version of the main theme to the second Winx Club movie; Winx Club Magical Adventure. What do you all think of it, what is your favorite version?


Kica said...

not bad, its kind of good....i guess

Hera said...

I like the original Italian more.

Kae Lily said...

I like the Italian one more, but this one is okay.

Stellabigfan said...

I can't even watch the video, it says it's not available. I'll look it up on youtube, I can probably watch it there.

Ella said...

Have to agree with you Hera and Kae Lily. I prefer the original version.

I have no idea why it is acting up, I'll check it out stellabigfan.

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