There's no need to fear, Rainbow SPA is here!

Haha, random title, I know - but I know many of us have been a little worried as to where Rainbow is going over the next couple years.  Variety has posted a reassuring article about our favourite show!  Thanks to Una di Noi for posting about this first.  Full post is here.

Here are the snippets that I found interesting and/or reassuring. Bolded words are my comments.

Viacom's first indication that it had found an important partner in Rainbow might well have been that as soon as the initial deal was signed, it set off a flurry of auctions for merchandising rights to Winx toys, clothes and books, especially in the U.S.  The partnership was announced in February - and I haven't seen any Winx merchandise in stores yet. =/ Could this mean rights have been bought, but production hasn't started yet?

Rainbow has always made a major effort to create properties that lend themselves to merchandising "because we had to, in order to survive and grow," Straffi says. Just goes to show that he cares where Winx is headed.

But, unlike Pixar, don't expect Straffi to sell outright anytime soon, though a flotation is "possible in a few years with me still at the helm," he says. There you go :D  Mr. Straffi plans to be in full control of his series for as long as possible. ^^

Straffi is also looking forward to the May 25 opening of his Rome theme park, Magic Land, comprising attractions based on Rainbow's properties such as "Pop Pixie," "Monster Allergy" and, of course, the Winx. AWESOME!  I didn't know Rainbow Magic Land was opening so soon!  How exciting!

So yeah, looks like Winx Club's future is still looking bright!  I don't know about you, but this makes me more eager for season 5 to come out! ^^


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