The Magic is Back, Welcome Back WInx


Well Winx fans, today is the day we all have been waiting for, the magic is back!

It seems as if it was just yesterday we learned that Nick had acquired the rights to Winx, and now here we are, hours away from the first special. Time flies. 

So, don't forget, if you haven't already, make sure to set your DVRs for this out of this realm special of the beginning of the Winx's magical adventure!

If you can't catch the special tonight, don't worry, Nick is going to be showing Winx many more times. Just be sure to go to TV Guide and check your local listings.

In addition, I will be writing up a recap of the special going over what what changed, what is the same, the entire thing (Spoilers will probably be included!). That will be up tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday. So, keep an eye out for that ^^

All that is left to say is this, the magic really is back! And welcome back Winx!


Kawaii as a Divina said...

I so excited :D I can't stop thinking about winx :)

I x3 sparkles said...

Ohmygosh yayyyyyy!!! Less than 4 hrs!!! :D

Lazy FoS said...

I woke up around 4pm and I was scared because I thought I was going to miss Winx. xD
Taping the 11pm version, watching the 8pm one, and making about two bags of popcorn! :)

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