Nick Updates Winx's Page

Looks like Nick is working overtime for the premier on Monday! They have now added Videos (clips from the first special!) and Bios, so far they are only are on the Winx girls!

For anyone who can't view the site; here are the bios!

 Thanks to BelieveInWinx for Musa's bio!

I must say, there are only two things eating at me, 1) Stella's power, "fairy of the shinning sun" and Lay- sorry, Aisha's power "fairy of waves"

And here is the 4th clip Nick has provided us, titled "Off To Fairy School", uploaded by Winx star, BelieveInWinx,

What do you guys think of the bios, changes and over-all the new dub?


Anonymous said...

I love the bios, they're so cute! I also love that they're using 3D Believix... teasing us with the second movie!

The Shining Sun Fairy thing is strange, but understandable. Stella used her Moon spells a literal handful of times. The Fairy of Waves... not so crazy about it. It sounds too 4kids-ish.

I x3 sparkles said...

The only thing eating at me is that I STILL don't know who Icy's VA is! I'm like going insane not knowing!

Ella said...

Agreed. They look great!

When I saw that my first thought was, "Great, now that is gonna mess up my fanfics- great!" Oh well, what can you do.

Kica said...

I can't believe they changed Stella's and Layla's powers!!!
I don't think I'm going to enjoy nickelodeon's dub.

Anonymous said...

Changing Stella's powers is understandable in my eyes because she only used moon-related powers twice out of the whole series. Changing Layla's powers, however, is a different story. Though, to be honest, I do think Fairy of Waves sounds slightly better than Fairy of Fluids. That could have some "interesting" meanings to some people. You know, those with dirty minds.


Kawaii as a Divina said...

Changing powers :( but I think I am starting to lose interest in winx and I hope I don't.

Anonymous said...

I still think it's going to be a great show! Now we just need to hear the rest of the Red Fountain Boys VAs I hope they announce them before Winx Club premieres.

The Oblivious Prattler said...

These aren't really changes. Stella never really used her moon powers. I think she had one moon-based attack, and that was it. Changing her to the fairy of just the sun makes A LOT of sense. As for Layla/Aisha, they didn't change her powers either. They just needed some better way to say "fairy of liquids," which, like funinheaven said, could have awkward meanings. =\ And "fairy of water" doesn't work because she can control more than just water.

Ella said...

True OP, it will just be more or less of just getting use to it.

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