Dress up the Winx on Nick.com!

I haven't yet seen a post about this, but nick.com has recently come out with a Dress Up game, featuring the one and only Winx Club!  Not only them though.. they have clothes, hair, eyes etc.. for both the Trix - as well as the Specialists.  It's a pretty neat little game, with pretty much all of the Winx's hairstyles (from casual, to Enchantix to Believix!), quite a selection of outfits, and lots of eyes and mouth variations so you can give your Winx girls' look more personality.  Here are some screenshots of me having fun with this game ;)

So yeah, be sure to check it out. :) I'm pretty elated that Nick is expanding the Winx section on their site.  Also new (at least new to me) is the Winx 101, with random little facts about characters from the show.  Here's the link to that.. On this section of the site, you can learn anything from who Daphne is, to (for the newbies ;)) who Bloom is.  Seems a nifty little part of the site for all the new-comers of the show.

So yeah, keep your eyes peeled, Winx fans!  Nick is bringing Winx to the 'net! :)


Winxlewanty said...

I really love the game lol
And have you heard?...
They are working on the winx films right now! :)
Over the moon!

Angie said...

Haha me too :D

And yeah, just saw your post on it! Awesome! I sure hope they hit the theaters like the Spongebob movie did, that would be amazing :)

Winx Club fan said...

I can't wait to play

Winxlewanty said...

Yeah same I hope it is is theaters, xD

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