What spin-off would you like?

Over the past four seasons we have seen the Winx travel to different realms, and make new friends and villains.

Rainbow has already created a world for the Winx and our pixie friends, but what about the other minor and secondary characters we have met?

Rainbow has created some great characters if given a chance to shine they surely would. Here are just a few examples.

-The Specialist: Even though we have seen RF from time to time in the series, it has never played a major role in the series as well as the Specialist we know. A series could focus on Sky and his friends (if not another group) as they enroll in the school and their magical adventures.

-Cloud Tower: Cloud Tower presents another case similar to the one I have given for the Specialist.

-Mirta: How can we forget the witch turned fairy who befriended Bloom in season one when the Trix where setting her up. Whatever happened to her after that first season? The transition from CT to Alfea most likely wasn't a easy one. But perhaps amusing, nevertheless it would make for an interesting spin-off if not a short series.

 -The Earth Fairies: When we left them in season four people of Earth where just starting to believe in magic again. The Winx's Earth bound mission maybe over, but the Earth fairies still have to bring the magic back to Earth.

On top of the few I listed there are hundreds more ideas and with season five coming more ideas will come as well. The world of the Winx is a large and magical one filled with exciting characters and places that still have more that could be discovered, so here is my question to you. If you could pick any character(s) or world to set a spin-off what would you chooses? What adventures would you wish to see come alive? What spin-off would you like to see next?


Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel said...

I would be interested in a Winx Club-Huntik crossover episode.

Anonymous said...

they should do a downland spinoff

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