Winx Club Dolls Nuremberg Toy Fair Review



Anonymous said...

Those are the old dolls.
They are probably still working on the NEW ones.

Cynthia said...

Cool! Although, I think they totally messed up on the enchantix doll line. (Especially Tecna.)
But for the positive, I totally loved the lovix dolls! They were beautiful!

And, I have all the believix dolls,plus the Tecna Denim Doll.

Anonymous said...

The red haired one is bloom
the blonde haired is stella
the black haired one is musa
the short purple haired one is techna
the one with dark skin and hair is layla/aisha
the one that wears pink is flora

Shayna (シエイナ) said...

They all look so good! I hope the final dolls actually look like those. Ahhhh, how am I going to be able to choose which ones I want???

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