"Winx Club: The Lost Princess" and First S5 episode info?

It is a well known fact that Wikipedia isn't the best source for news or any information for that matter, and this topic has been talked about off and on in the fandom for quite sometime, but I found this very interesting.

When randomly checking out the episode section of the Winx's page I couldn't help but to notice that a season seven had been added, but a new live action movie with the following summary.

Winx Club: The Lost Princess TBA TBA 2013 (2013) 2013
A rumored live-action film by Nickelodeon Movies, Rainbow S.r.l. in co-production with 20th Century Fox. 
Odds are this information is just what it states, a rumor, however there is a slight chance that this could indeed be real. Nick has made a few live action movies with other animated series; Avatar: The Last Air bender and The Fariy Oddparents, plus Winx Club's creator Mr. Staffi has spoken of a Winx live action film. Heck, we already have had power shows, ice shows, theater productions as well as performances of the Winx, so a movie may not be very far off. 

Personally, I am not quite sure of my option of a Winx live action movie. It could be really amazing, or not so much. But it will be a hard task to bring the Winx from their 2D (sometimes 3D) world into ours. And for season seven...well, I am going to wait for an official statement.

In addition to a live action film and possible season seven. There has been some potential information of the first episode of season 5.

"L'olio disastro"  (The oil disaster) / The Oil Spill TBA 2012 (TBA 2012) TBA 2012
The first awaited episode of Season 5. // The Winx are running their Love&Pet shop, when worldwide News hits Gardenia TV: A large amount of oil has inexplicable appeared in the waters of New Orleans! The Winx visit the scene of the action, trying to simplify the animal welfare with rescuing the deep-sea dwellers. While the Winx are busy, Aisha finds out that the source of the oil has magical origins... 

What is your option of a Winx live action movie, season seven and "The Oil Spill", official or not? Assuming that both the movie and season seven are indeed real, what do you aspire to see, or not to see?


Shayna (シエイナ) said...

Oh lord... I love Winx, but please do not make a live action movie...

Specialist7 said...

I don't see why a live action movie wouldn't be possible. There have been other animations what were turned into live action movies, such as Transformers and G.I. Joe. If the scrips is well writen and directed, it would make for a pretty decent movie.

Anonymous said...

winx don't belong on earth DX go back to the magix or ur show will become like all these other crappy american cartoons..(no offence to the Americans XD peace)

Casey said...

Anon- I also would like them back in magix , or anywhere but earth really. I agree with Specialist7, if they stuck to the plot lines of winx would not be a bad movie. Animations can be finially turned into decent live action films. Not just because G.I Joe and transformers movies are awesome 0.0

Kica-chan said...

Things went kind of crazy for the Winx after the first movie. Really, I don't want the Winx to do stuff on Earth unless it involves something from the Magical Dimension.

And really, what would the live action be about? Would it be like a part of Season 5 or what?

Specialist7 said...

A live action movie dosn't necessarily have to follow the same plot as the original series. It can be totally different, much like some of the movies that are based off characters from the Marvel and DC comics.
My concern is that Rainbow is moving way too fast. They haven't even put themselvs on the map in terms of an animation studio (in an interview, Strafii said he wants to do that with "Gladiators of Rome") and they're already starting to work on a new project? Personally I think they should take their time with things and concentrate more on quality rather than marketability.

Ella said...

There is honestly no way to tell how good/bad a Winx live action would be until more information and the movie its self came out.

My though based on the title alone is it would probably be a live action film recapping seasons one through three and maybe Secret of the Lost Kingdom. After all, who else would "The Lost Princess" be?

7- Last I had heard they had already started work on "Born (not) to be Gladiators".

I also agree with you, it should always be quality verses quantity

Specialist7 said...

Ella- Rainbow has actually changed the title of the movie. Here is the official website:


Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel said...

Um, fix the formatting so that I can read the post, please? And honestly, give up on Wikipedia. The Winx Club's page is targeted by too many trollers.

Shayna (シエイナ) said...

@Kiku: Seriously, Winx Club's Wikipedia page is a huge mess! I would try fixing it myself, but then idiots would probably just undo my changes (it's happened before).

The Oblivious Prattler said...

About "Gladiators of Rome," I think that's the Italian title of the movie. The American title is still "Not Born to Be Gladiators."

Back to Winx.

Iginio Straffi has mentioned that he wants a live-action movie, but I doubt it would happen so soon. The season five stuff? That's fake. Why would it open at Love & Pet? The Winx went back to Magix at the end of season four. And a magical origin of the Gulf Oil Spill? That's almost an insult to the people who had to deal with it. I don't think Rainbow will handle it like that.

Anonymous said...

In the lost princess, I think that the lost princess would be Tecna. We know nothing about her, so its a good chance that it's her.

Anonymous said...

i think that the 3rd movie will be a next gen movie. like a few years after season 6 the winx are attacked and there oldest daughters are sent to earth for there safety. and bla bla bla
you get it.

Anonymous said...

Winx club is an AMAZING show but I don't know about a live action movie. It is hard to make live action films out of animated shows. Getting the character appearances right is not as hard as getting the special effects right is definately another matter. I would watch this movie just to see how the producer did and it is a great show

Anonymous said...

omg wat and eva winx is so having a movie and please i tried fixing the wiki page and some jack*** totally ruined it!!

Anonymous said...

the lost princess will be bloom,this is the main-character of the movies...

Anonymous said...

Well since the titile is the lost princess it could be roxy. Considering she came last and they know nothing bout her. I mean like yea .....

N live action filming no just no. It's a bad idea.

I also have a question:

Why does the winx season 5 like come out one episode a week. I mean come on is it that hard to make it come out two or three a week 😣

Anyway have a good Christmas everyone !!!!!!😄

Anonymous said...

if they wanna make a movie i say let them make a movie just hurry the hell up and im still waiting for season 5 episode 14 to come i mean coe on people whats the hold up i've been waiting for 3 weeks

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