Ratings: What Would You Do?


Looks like the Winx might have an idea to get ratings up...

 It has been no secret that, as of late, the ratings for Winx Club have been less than stellar. After skipping a week (the given reason the low ratings, of course), announcing a re-airing of Secret of the Lost Kingdom,  and latest switching the movie out for a brand-new episode of season five; last weekend's episode, "Secret of the Ruby Reef" earned 1.500M in ratings.

Even though the ratings are in a similar area to the Winx's fellow Nick shows, the ratings still aren't great.

I will be the first to admit that I don't pay much mind to ratings typically, but after seeing the Winx's airings effected due to the numbers it soon becomes worrisome.

However there are some factors that needs to be considered: the time slot (one of the biggest issues the series faces, being aired at one (formerly noon) on Sundays often make it hard for fans who have other commitments to tune in. Plus it is a bit awkward.), DVRing, iTunes and other on-demand viewing, and

What would you do, or change to help get Winx's ratings up? What do you believe to be the main reason for the series' current ratings?


Sibylla Justice said...

Like you said, I think the main reason is the time slot. They changed it rather abruptly and didn't even say on TV that it would be changed, it just happened.

That leads to what I think is the next problem-- lack of advertising. I saw one Winx ad on TV in the past week, and I watch Nickelodeon a fair amount. Even more this past week since they had the Monster High week. No one really knows about the show unless they notice it on their TV guide.

I feel like Winx could do really well on Nickelodeon if they made it known that they were actually playing it consistently at one time slot. I think it would do better on Saturdays, as well.

Ella said...

Winx has the potential to become one of the most successful shows on Nick is given the chance, after all it is an international hit! If they where given a prime time slot on Saturday or Friday nights the ratings would be much better.

Anonymous said...

they should have a non-cable channel to air it on, because a lot of people just got antennas instead of opting for cable, and most of us fans have to wait till it's posted online to see it, thus the rating problem.

Patchwork Elmpetal said...

change the time slot. I often forget about it because it's on sunday, and sunday is usually the day I sleep in, anyway.

MagixJourney said...

I think the reason why Nick has done Sundays at that time is because it was successful in the past like the Shadow Pheonix got over 2 million views on that time slot. But you are 100% right Nick needs to get on track Winx is made to be big not just some fill in kid show. A prime time airing would be perfect I mean I hardly ever catch it on Sundays, Friday nights would be perfect. Kids,Adults and Teens would all catch it.

Anonymous said...

nick isnt gunna change.. maybe because spongebob will be here till we die. spongebob has never been held back. if they wait till august next year to air the other half of season 5 then rating will be so low we will need a magnifying glass to see it.

and what do they expect us to do from january till august? idk but if they do this rating will be so poor im thinking about giving nick a walefair check.

ruxi said...

i think the ami reaeason i the time .thye say it diseey fault becuae they have many raitings.i say nick was runied winx a littel .and winx is not having so many fans in usa many fans are from europa

Charra Loon said...

You want to know why Winx is losing ratings? It's because it's on its way out and Straffi, in his infamous wisdom, refuses to accept it. He just keeps dragging it out just to keep the whole thing going when a simple spin-off--same setting, different cast, debateable storylines--would've given the show the fresh air it needs. Especially if Straffi insists on keeping it in a high school atmosphere. If that isn't the case, why do the girls, who are supposed to have moved onto adult lives, keep coming back to Alfea? Seriously? And don't get me started on the misandry--I get the whole thing's about girl power, but come on! Give the guys something more than one-dimensional stereotypes (bad things happen in fandom when there's enough plot holes to make swiss cheese).

Don't get me wrong, I liked Winx and have a lot of fun with it as a fanfic writer, even if the ideas for it these days are in brainstorming stages, but there comes a time when a series has to end and Straffi passed it. This should've ended in the third season, or at least the fourth. Winx could have the best time slot there is but when things starts to slow down, it's time to end the series. If Straffi wanted to continue Winx or at least the very idea of its setting, all he had to do was create a spin-off; that way, he could keep the setting and have fresh characters go on their own adventures without wearing things out. Using groups in the other two schools would've been even better.

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