Clips and Icy Sirenix

Credit goes for the videos goes to MagixJourney and BelieveInWinx, and everyone else who posted before.

Oh, Krystal... any who, what is your opinion of this Sunday's preview and the Winx first brand-new transformation of the season, Harmonix? Let's not forget Icy, what are you thoughts on her Sirenix?


Sibylla Justice said...

I love Harmonix... don't you? It looks so gorgeous on the girls, there isn't one girl I think it looks bad on. It turned out so pretty. @__@

Icy's Sirenix is half and half for me. I like parts of it, but others don't work well.

Cynthia said...

Harmonix looks really good on the Winx CLub. I think the outfit looks good on Icy too...except for the part that's by her hair. At first I couldn't tell if that was part of her hair or not, but I just don't like it.
But I suppose it's supposed to look like that cause of the polution and stuff.

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