Limited Edition Daphne Doll Up on Toys R Us Website

Credit to Michael's Winx Club, and JustAnotherWinxFan.

Remember that Daphne doll that was spotted at the Canadan Toys R Us website a few months back? Well, Daphne is back and listed on the American Toys R Us page for about thirty dollars ($29.99 to be exact). For all of us collectors hoping to add Daphne to our collections, best act fast as she is only up until the eighteenth of the month!

Will you be ording Daphne, or are you going to pass? What or who would you like to see as the next limited edition release, share your ideas and thoughts.


Xènia Carbonell Falguera said...

This doll is precious... But i'm not american!

Anonymous said...

I luv this doll

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