Season Six: Aspirations and Hopes

Even thought the final episodes of season five have yet to air, the up-coming season six has already been slated to debut next year in addition to a third movie; both of which are in production.

That being said, we have already been given teaser tweets by many cast memebers of recording to the studio (according to Jen Cody's tweets the Trix will be back). Plus we have been given our first look at the first episiode of season six with the working title of "Inspiration of Sirenix", by none other than Matt Shively (voice of Sky) (credit goes to MagixJourney for this information).

Besides seeing a bit from one of the scenes, we also see Timmy and Daphne!

Thus leading me to inquire what we all want/need and do not want in season six.  Here are a few of my thoughts.

  • Pixie action: The return of everyone's favorite pixies is already confirmed thanks to Michael of Michael's Winx Club, after nearly a two season absents I hope we get to see them have some decent amount of screen-time.
  • Daphne: Basically implied, it is unknown how large of a role Daphne may or may not have. Regardless I am excited at the potential chances to learn more of her.
  • Less Bloom and Sky and Flora and Helia drama: In season five we have seen quite a few issues within both sets of couples.

What do you think of this photo? Any ideas/thoughts on what will happen in the first episode? What about season six in general, what do you want to see and not want to see?


rainbowdustwinx said...

I'm just overjoyed to have the pixies back! I literally squeed when I heard the news!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i wonder if digit is male or female in season 6 cause for winx it was digit (a girl)and in pop pixie it was fixit (a boy)

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