A New Hero For The Winx Girls? *Update*


As may of us has seen the new and updated Official Winx Club site, we have seen now we can pick our avatars. From all of the Winx Girls in there Rock Band look and City Girl (all except Roxy :( ). Then the heroes. (As seen in the image).But the question is who is the guy beside Riven? Will we see him in season 5? Who is he and what role will he play? And is he Roxy or Layla's new boyfriend? And where is Nabu????

As it has been said he is Karel, a character from the Winx comics (no wounder I didn't know him). But what is he doing in the show?


Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel said...

The show is supposed to be based off the comic. Karel appears in season one but no lines.

Angela said...

Hey Ella, my name is Angela and I read on Winx-Fairies that you are looking for authors for your site. Well, I just wanted to tell you - I could help you out if you want! And if you need more graphics (like for your links below your banner) I could totally do that too. ^^


Ella said...

Hi, Angela. That is right,I am looking for writers for the site. Sure, I would love for you to join the site!
Thanks A Million!!!

Angela said...

No problem! My email is wlnxgirl360@gmail.com ^^

stellabigfan said...

Hay i could help you too...lol im kidding, im already an auther, lol

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