What About Season 5? What about Roxy?

As may people know there has been a lot of buzz about the newest winx movie. I myself am extremely excited about this ( I even changed my profile pic to Bloom ((Bloom is not my fav winx, Roxy is but there is no movie image of her)) )
But what really has me wondering is what about season 5? It has almost been a year ago when season 4 aired and we have little to no news about it. The transformation has not been announced, but there are many rumors. But the bigger question, what role will Roxy play? Is she a Winx or not? As we see on the official winx site she is part of most of the group pictures and there is even a wallpaper of her you can download. But she doesn't have her own bio page like the rest of the winx. Well looks like Rainbow is playing with us again, now we can only wait.


Anonymous said...

I think Roxy won't be in season 5 because the winx had a mission to protect her and roxy is 3 years younger than the winx

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